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The Beth Dutton Bingo Card For Every Yellowstone Season

Throughout "Yellowstone," we've seen people thrown from horses, blown to bits in explosions, and put on the receiving end of a punch from Rip Wheeler (Cole Hauser). Frankly, though, we'd happily suffer any of those incidents if it meant avoiding the wrath of the show's dynamite Dutton lady, Beth (Kelly Reilly). 

The second oldest of the remaining Dutton children to John Dutton (Kevin Costner) is the self-proclaimed tornado of "Yellowstone," who has broken spirits and business deals in equal amounts. But as unpredictable as tornadoes might be, we can safely predict what kind of reactions or rage-fueled efforts Beth will go to for the sake of her family name — or her own twisted entertainment. So much so, in fact, that we've compiled a bingo card of entries that we'd bet the farm Beth will check off every season.  

From here on out, let's put our eyes down and get our pens at the ready, as we mark the quintessential Beth-isms that always spark a "Yellowstone" recipe for bingo success. These are her signature moves — which are certainly easy to spot, for better or worse, depending on how you look at her. We'd advise you not to do that last part, though. Seriously, you've been warned. 

On every Yellowstone season, Beth will treat Rip like absolute trash (and then apologize for it)

Here's an easy one on the bingo card — for the first four seasons, at least. Because an absolutely essential bit of Beth being Beth is her on-again, off-again relationship with rough and rowdy rancher, Rip Wheeler. 

Since Rip first caught the eye of the Dutton daughter in their younger years, these two have had a tumultuous relationship, with most of the tension coming from Beth. Even with Beth's tendency to pick up and drop the ranch hand like a bad habit, or tear apart his feelings, the truth is that Rip and Beth's likelihood of knocking cowboy boots and tying the knot was about as obvious as the notion of any given "Yellowstone" episode featuring some potent melodrama. Rip has always been a steadfast stress reliever for Beth, through the best and worst times, and it wouldn't be a normal season of "Yellowstone" without seeing these two eyeing one another and pretending they don't care about the other. 

Admittedly, these days, Beth isn't quite as much of a nightmare to the man of her dreams as she was before — let's not forget how previous seasons saw her run into the middle of a live wolf pack feeding, or sleep with Rip's ranch rival, Walker (Ryan Bingham) — and to be fair, Season 5 even saw Beth apologize to Rip for her past misdeeds. That itself is worth raising a glass for — to go along with the six Beth has already had. 

On every Yellowstone season, Beth will get drunk and disorderly in public

Just as John, Kayce (Luke Grimes), and Rip can't go to a show without their cowboy hats on display, one surefire selection you should make on the ol' bingo card — which, by the way, we advise you laminate, to avoid nearby spillages — is Beth Dutton entering a room, glass in her hand, and yelling at everyone. Beth's drinking habit, a numbing agent used for her to deal with her traumatic past, has become as much of a guaranteed character trait as Don Draper's filled glass was in "Mad Men." Beth simply can't go a full season without being intoxicated at the bar or the boardroom at least once, with said alcohol acting like a power-up for her to go full Beth, the same way that flowers power up Super Mario.

Unfortunately, while this drinking has led to some of her best moments, it can also get her into ridiculously dramatic situations that could've been avoided had she just put the glass down and asked for a tap water. Beth's intoxication is just as likely to lead to a bar fight as it is to turn a regular family dinner into a full-out war across the table. 

Nailing the role of the drunk aunt that you hope doesn't come to the wedding, Beth cuts deep and lethally into anyone unlucky enough to be caught in her radius, even if that person has done absolutely nothing to deserve it. Speaking of which ...

On every Yellowstone season, Beth will humiliate a total stranger

For someone that likes a drink or ten a day, it's fitting that Beth Dutton feels like a cocktail mix of Erin Brokovich and Captain Jack Sparrow, which is great for viewers — but not many others on the show. This leads us to the other certainty that'll get you closer to winning Beth Bingo. Because Beth is (1) usually the most intelligent person in the room, combined with (2) the most intoxicated, it means that at least once a season, a random person who chooses to cross her, knowingly or not, will receive the verbal berating of a lifetime. 

Company lawyers, unfaithful husbands at bars, or even her father's latest love interest — no one is safe from Beth. Her level of sass that is hotter than the sun. Warranted or not in her execution, Beth's ridiculing of others is arguably the most violent thing that happens on "Yellowstone," which is saying something for a show that is ... well, "Yellowstone." People on the periphery of her outbursts can only respond by staring at the floor, ceiling, or other inanimate objects to hope that they're not next in line. For them, it's torture. For us, it's another brilliant bit of Beth being her worst, and "Yellowstone" wouldn't be the same without it.

On every Yellowstone season, Beth will bully and abuse Jamie Dutton

Whenever Beth Dutton doesn't have a new punching bag to pummel, she's always happy to let it rip on her favorite target at home, and that's family doormat and adopted son Jamie Dutton (Wes Bentley). Jamie has been the cause of plenty of problems at the Dutton household, all of which Beth has great fun relishing in anytime she gets a chance. Make no mistake, you're more likely to mark this one off your bingo card than Jamie is to get a birthday card from his sister.

To be fair, Beth's hatred for her brother is warranted, given their childhood history. Still, the rivalry between them is mean-spirited and persistent enough to remind viewers of Cersei and Tyrion Lannister from "Game of Thrones," and it's perhaps the biggest absolute guarantee on every season. It just isn't "Yellowstone" if Jamie isn't looking at his sister in terror, or enduring a verbal (or often physical) beating from her directly.

Beth breaking her adopted brother down, piece-by-piece, has become so routine in the series that it might as well be permanently etched under the title. Will they ever get along? Absolutely not. There's far too much history. 

On every Yellowstone Season, Beth will do at least one good deed for another person

If you've made it this far, then you've only got one more space left to mark, and that will most certainly give you (in our best Christoph Waltz impression) a bingo. Don't worry, we've got you covered. 

It might appear, following these regular Beth-isms, that the most wrathful Dutton is not necessarily a redeemable soul. Thankfully, no matter what methods of manipulation or power play she has employed over the years, no "Yellowstone" season is complete without at least one sparkly moment of good which proves, for a fleeting second, that Beth isn't as bad to the bone as she appears. On a narrative level, of course, these redemptive moments are necessary if the show wants us to at least partially continue rooting for her, to reassure us that she's not quite the coldblooded figure that she makes such an effort to be. 

How does this play out? Well, often, Beth will lend a helping hand to children, or women in desperate times — such as in that golden moment of her coming to Monica's rescue when she's accused of shoplifting. Such glimpses of goodness are a rarity, but important, as they prove that behind that cloud of cigarette smoke and whiskey, there's a heart (occasionally) beating underneath.