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Whatever Happened To American Pickers Star Danielle Colby's 4Miles 2Memphis Shop?

The "American Pickers" core cast consisted of creator and Antique Archeology owner Mike Wolfe, his co-star Frank Fritz, and shop office head of operations Danielle Colby. While Wolfe and Fritz went out on the hunt for buried treasures of Americana, Colby kept the store afloat and offered up valuable tips to the pickers as to where to find both collectors and collections.

Colby doesn't just run the two locations (one in La Claire, Iowa and one in Nashville, Tennessee) of Antique Archeology. She also is something of an entrepreneur herself. Besides being a cast member and office manager for "American Pickers," Colby is a renowned burlesque performer and once owned a Chicago-based studio within the profession. And, back in 2013, Colby branched out even further and opened a clothing and antique store of her own.

Danielle Colby opened the store 4Miles 2Memphis in Chicago's Wicker Park neighborhood in February 2013. The Wicker Park neighborhood is known for housing popular bars, restaurants, and other independent businesses that bring in tourists from all over. It was also the setting for the 2001 season of the MTV show, "The Real World: Chicago." A handful of celebrities have also called the neighborhood home like actress Carrie Coon and playwright and screenwriter Tracy Letts.

The store closed its doors in 2014

"American Pickers" cast member Danielle Colby's storefront 4Miles 2Memphis only remained open until January 2014, when it closed its doors after just shy of a year of being open. The store's Facebook page remains active, but the address listed on there directs to a home in La Claire, Iowa. Based on a Facebook post from Colby, the address is seemingly the location where Colby ran the shop as a pop-up in 2012 before taking up permanent residence in Chicago. 4Miles 2Memphis hasn't popped up back in Iowa or Chicago since its closing.

Always a busy entrepreneur, Colby owned Dannie Diesel's Bump and Grind Academy in Chicago as well. The burlesque studio lasted until about 2015, and it is now a beauty salon, moving Colby completely out of Chicago. According to an interview with Yuppie Punk, Colby also ran a roller derby team for about three years before she had to quit due to injury. The team was known as the Big Mouth Mickies. 

She currently owns a burlesque troupe called the Burlesque Le' Mustache in Iowa. Colby is quite the enterprising star, and even though "American Pickers" keeps her busy, she has still explored her other interests as well.