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Why Marc Maron Is Happy He Didn't Land A Role In Avatar: The Way Of Water

One would think any actor in Hollywood would gladly climb a mountain to be part of a hit film. "Avatar: The Way of Water" definitely qualifies as a huge hit, with over $2 billion worldwide under its belt at the box office at press time. Ergo, entering the CGI-laden world of the Navi might be a pretty big priority for anyone who wants to get a little bit of attention or might be looking for a launching pad for their career.

But fame isn't always a major goal when it comes to acting. Sometimes it's all about the experience of bringing a richly-drawn character to life or performing on a set with your fellow thespians. For "GLOW" and "Joker" actor and stand-up comic Marc Maron, it seems that the benefits of being seen by millions are counterbalanced by other priorities. During a recent interview, he revealed that he auditioned for a part in "The Way of Water" and was ultimately glad to find out he did not get the role.

Maron has no regrets about losing out, to say the least

During an appearance on the Happy Sad Confused podcast, Marc Maron described the ordeal of auditioning for a part in "Avatar: The Way of Water." He told host Josh Horowitz that the experience was not ideal.

"That was ridiculous. Why the f*** would I want that job?" Maron wondered aloud. "There's this assumption that we're going to do four 'Avatar' movies. Dude, I don't even remember the first one! I don't know what this all means to the world." He also recalled driving down to Long Beach, California, where James Cameron has built a studio, and noted that he had to lock up his phone before auditioning before a green screen. 

"All of a sudden you're in this free zone with these people that he [Cameron] just has there to read parts and fly and be on dollies," Maron continued. "So, I'm on camera — I think ... I'm in the middle of this thing and I'm totally untethered and I have no sense of character." The actor's total annoyance with the situation was compounded by the fact that he was apparently surrounded by actors in mocap suits. He reported that he later learned that he'd have to shoot in New Zealand for years should he be selected, a notion he balked at. "Then he [Cameron] sent me a box of cigars because he didn't cast me. Ok, that's nice," Maron remarked.

Further discussion between Maron and Horowitz revealed that Maron was auditioning for the role of Dr. Ian Garvin (Jemaine Clement), a marine biologist who falls for the Navi oceans while serving for the RDA. Since Clement is already from New Zealand, it appears that everything worked out for the best.