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Who Plays Elizabeth Strafford On 1923?

Taylor Sheridan's "Yellowstone" universe is here to stay, as Paramount went all-in with numerous spin-offs detailing the ever-complicated Dutton family tree. With each show, Sheridan brings star-studded casts along with him. "Yellowstone" brought Academy Award-winner Kevin Costner to lead the series, with Kelly Reilly ("Flight"), Luke Grimes ("American Sniper"), and Wes Bentley ("The Hunger Games") joining him. The show's first spin-off, "1883," followed suit, bringing Sam Elliot ("The Big Lebowski") and country music stars Tim McGraw and Faith Hill into the "Yellowstone" universe.

"1923" continued the trend, with Hollywood legends Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren playing Jacob and Cara Dutton. "1923" gives fans a look into the Prohibition-era Duttons as they struggle to keep control of their Montana land. While Ford and Mirren are the big draws of the spin-off, "1923" wouldn't be much without the cast behind the stars. Of course, an actress of Mirren's caliber gives an incredible performance, but many others give it their all too.

Elizabeth Strafford is a surprise standout in "1923." Elizabeth struggles early on with her fiance, Jack Dutton, prioritizing his family over their relationship. After coming to terms with the Dutton way of life, Liz and Jack's relationship blooms, with the couple even enjoying a night out filled with dancing, drinking, and other more intimate things. Liz plays a significant role in "1923," as she brings a kind, outgoing, and charming presence to the Dutton family tree that may leave some fans wondering who the actress is behind the character.

Michelle Randolph brings Elizabeth to life

For those wondering, Michelle Randolph is the actress that plays Elizabeth Strafford in "1923." The young actress has only had a few roles in her blossoming career, and the Taylor Sheridan spin-off is definitely her most prominent one to date, acting alongside Helen Mirren and Harrison Ford.

Randolph got her start in the industry with SyFy's TV movie "House of the Witch," playing Rachel, a member of the teenage group that enters a haunted house only for an ancient evil to attack them. While the movie does feature a "1923" reunion — Darren Mann (Jack Dutton) also stars in the film — its Rotten Tomato score proves that people won't accept just any horror film, but everyone needs to start somewhere. 

She continued her TV-movie streak with "A Snow White Christmas," whose title speaks for itself as it's just the "Snow White" story, but set at Christmastime. The actress returned to her horror roots for the Quavo-produced movie, "The Resort," before landing the role of Elizabeth in "1923." Her upcoming work includes another horror movie, "Chasing Nightmares," and the comedy "The Throwback."

Randolph is also a model who has amassed over 500 thousand followers on Instagram. Her sister, Cassie Randolph, appeared in and won Season 23 of "The Bachelor," and Michelle appeared in the episode when Cassie brought Colton Underwood back to her hometown. The two sisters also created the sustainable clothing line LNDN Denim.