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Kevin Feige Always Wanted An Ant-Man Movie That Explores The Quantum Realm

Considering the elaborate, ambitious nature of the Marvel Cinematic Universe's slew of upcoming projects, it might be natural to think that much of it was conceived for the screen only recently. After all, Phase Five is set to introduce many new characters and concepts that either didn't exist or barely existed in the MCU prior to any mention of the Tesseract.

It also would be natural to think that an "Ant-Man" movie centered upon the Quantum Realm would be a new development in the minds of Marvel execs. After all, it's a far-fetched concept: An "Ant-Man" movie based in the Quantum Realm requires the integration of mind-bending physics concepts while simultaneously delivering high-stakes action and laugh-a-minute entertainment, as fans have come to expect. But that's precisely what "Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania" seeks to do. And as it turns out, the idea has been bouncing around Kevin Feige's mind for quite some time.

Ant-Man 3's plot finally brings the Quantum Realm into the fold

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Kevin Feige revealed that the plan was always to place a third "Ant-Man" in the Quantum Realm — a subatomic place where time and space defy common sense. To that end, he saw "Ant-Man 3" as an opportunity to spend a large chunk of time there.

"It was always the idea to spend the majority of time in the Quantum Realm, this place you've heard about in various movies and seen glimpses of. We wanted to actually explore it," he explained. "When we were making the earlier films, we saw the visuals of the Quantum Realm, like, 'See that back there? That's a city. See that over there? That's a whole civilization.' We were hoping that one day we could explore more of it."

And "Ant-Man 3" certainly does explore it, all the while taking its characters and viewers on a wild ride through time and space and back again. It also uses its Quantum Realm-focused story to set up Jonathan Majors' Kang the Conqueror as the MCU's next Big Bad. And that will no doubt be a problem that extends beyond the Quantum Realm.