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A.J. Cook Struggled With Her Criminal Minds Story Between Seasons 14 And 15

"Criminal Minds" is one of many crime dramas currently on television, but it's also one of the most popular and highly praised. Known for its unique approach to the genre, "Criminal Minds," as the name suggests, takes fans into the inner workings of the crime itself and what goes through a person's mind as they carry out such heinous acts.

In the ocean of crime dramas, where the "Law & Order" universe reigns king, it's challenging to stand out, but "Criminal Minds" is now in its 16th season and still going strong because it's managed to crack the code. Combining brilliant storytelling with compelling on-screen performances, the series has appealed to the side of people who want to understand evil deeds and what would drive a person to commit them.

The all-star cast carries a lot of weight on their shoulders too. One stand-out cast member is A.J. Cook who plays Jennifer "JJ" Jareau. JJ has been around since Season 1 and has starred in over 300 episodes of the hit show. Although Cook's portrayal of JJ is compelling and captivating to watch, she admits that even she's faced some struggles while filming.

Cook says the Reid love confession was difficult for her

A.J. Cook sat down with Parade to discuss "Criminal Minds" and one of the questions she was asked brought up the fact that at the end of Season 14, JJ told Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler) that she loved him. This wouldn't have been a problem if JJ wasn't supposed to be happily married.

When Season 15 reconvened, six months had passed. Cook said, "I was surprised, too. You weren't the only one, and it goes back to how protective I am of my characters, so that storyline was difficult for me."

Cook admits that she's overprotective of her characters and that when this plot line unfolded, she had difficulty understanding the writers' decisions. She had to be talked down off the ledge and coaxed into being open about the story the show was trying to tell, but she does admit that eventually, she came around to it.

"It's life and it's complicated," Cook explained. "It's complicated and beautiful and messy and it only makes someone stronger in the end. But getting there is a little scary and that's what we want our audience to feel, too. We want the audience to go on this journey with these characters."

Cook really had to trust the process on this plotline, because even she didn't know how it would ultimately turn out. Despite her struggles, though, she made the story come to life in the best way.