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Who Plays Jeremy Brighton On NCIS?

Season 20, Episode 14, "Old Wounds" was an eye-opening affair revealing some significant events in the past of Supervisory Special Agent Alden Parker (Gary Cole) that led him to a life of solving Navy crimes. The intriguing elements of his tragic backstory were revealed thanks to the introduction of Jeremy Brighton (Michael Patrick Thornton).

In the episode, a man from Parker's past is brought in to assist in an investigation involving a dead ensign and some familiar-looking narcotics. They trace the pills back to a case Parker was working on for the FBI, where a firefight occurred. During this, he accidentally shot his partner, Jeremy Brighton, who now uses a wheelchair. After the incident, Parker tried to change his impulsive ways, but to do so meant leaving the FBI for NCIS. 

Since then, Brighton has become somewhat of a celebrity author and podcaster who provides online coaching services for people who use wheelchairs. Despite Brighton doing well, Parker blames himself for what happened. After arresting those responsible for the ensign murder, Brighton convinces Parker to forgive himself for what happened.

Brighton proved to be an intriguing character that overcame adversity in an inspiring fashion, making his casting choice so perfect.

Jeremy Brighton is played by Michael Patrick Thornton

The talented actor portraying Jeremy Brighton on "NCIS" is Michael Patrick Thornton, who has been acting since 2003. At one point, Brighton had two spinal strokes, but that would not stop his career. Fortunately, his passion for acting helped him recover and endure, allowing him to have a flourishing career and inspire others by providing something he believes is very necessary: comfort. 

"Great art disturbs the comfortable and comforts the disturbed," Brighton said on Flipping the Script. "I think what I try to do as an actor and as an improviser is to bring joy to people who may be going through some rough patches in their life and let them know that I've been there, and you can get through it, and that there is light on the other side."

Since overcoming the tragic ordeal, he has lent his skills to various projects, including "Private Practice," "The Good Doctor," "The Red Line," "Away," and "A Million Little Things." He has also significantly contributed to the world of theater, becoming the first partially paralyzed person to use an exoskeleton on stage in a production of "Richard III". 

Thornton's inspiring journey makes him a perfect fit for Brighton, and fans hope to see more of him in "NCIS."