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Gold Rush Stars Minnie And Tony Beets Started Their Long History Together As Kids

From "Alaskan Bush People" to "Deadliest Catch," many Discovery shows spotlight strong family ties, and how career paths – even risky, dangerous ones – are followed by multiple members. "Gold Rush" is no different.

Since 2011, viewers have watched the highs and lows of husband-wife duo, Tony and Minnie Beets, as they work to keep their gold mining business thriving. At Paradise Hill, located in the Klondike region of the Yukon in Canada, their 1,000-acre operation turned over $30 million worth of gold in seven years, as of 2021 (via Discovery).

It's an impressive income, but no business — even one of 35-plus years — is immune from some struggles. For example, the Beets' lost their Indian River claim due to an expired license, which means less revenue. However, Tony believes that if he invests millions in bigger and better equipment, he can make up for those decreased finances. Minnie, who serves as her husband's bookkeeper and voice of logic, tries to make him see reason before making such a big splurge. In fact, Minnie is often the only person from whom Tony takes advice.

These two "Gold Rush" stars, who got their three children involved in mining, are like a well-oiled machine. That's because they're not only long-time colleagues, but have known each other for nearly a lifetime.

Tony and Minnie Beets were childhood neighbors in Holland

Tony and Minnie Beets may have started dating and gotten married in their 20s, but they actually knew each other from childhood. In an interview with Monsters & Critics, Minnie reflected on how they met.

"First of all, I met Tony [as a kid] on the street about 55-56 years ago," she said. "He moved into the neighborhood when he was seven and I was six. We lived in Holland, in the Netherlands. Later we went and made the decision with each other to head to Canada."

In the years that followed, Tony and Minnie built a successful gold mining operation, as well as a tight-knit family. Three of their children, Monica, Kevin and Mike, are all heavily involved in the business.

Among fans, the overarching opinion is that Minnie is largely responsible for the Beets' success. On Reddit, u/SuperbBit said, "She is the driving force of the Beets family. And I'm sure she is the boss at home and Tony does everything she says." U/itchy-and-scratch agreed: "Tony gets all the credit but it's Minnie that keeps the show on the road, keeping Tony from spending a fortune on his ideas."

However, after nearly six decades of knowing one another, Tony begs to differ. In his opinion, they're a team. When asked by Monsters & Critics if Minnie is the secret to their success, he said, "It's a fifty-fifty game, lady!"