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Viewers Can't Get Over Tubi's 'Interface Interruption' Super Bowl 2023 Commercial, Calling It 'Genius'

There were a number of winning advertisements that made their debut during Super Bowl LVII this year. From The Farmer's Dog ripping out consumers' hearts with their commercial (and the memorable song underscoring it) for their pet food to Will Ferrell's madcap ride through Netflix's most iconic properties, there was something for everyone to watch between tackles and field goals.  

Tubi burst out of the gate with two ads that got folks talking; their "Rabbit Hole" spot, which we dubbed the Super Bowl's biggest commercial-centric WTF moment, and "Interference Interruption." In the latter, the streamer seemed to take us back to the game, complete with an appearance from Fox Sports broadcasters Kevin Burkhardt and Greg Olsen. Before viewers could process that the sportscasters were wearing different jackets than the ones they'd been seen in earlier in the broadcast, a menu popped up. Audiences were suddenly taken to a mock-up of Tubi's main menu, where someone selected the action/adventure romance "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" and pressed play. But instead of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, the viewer at home was treated to Tubi's logo and taken to the next ad.

The commercial completely fooled audiences, who expressed their delight at the advertisement's playfulness all over the internet after it aired.

Fans can't stop raving about Tubi's trickery

By and large, football fans watching the game at home were delighted by Tubi's sense of humor.  @JunaeBrown declared that "Tubi is a high contender for commercial of the night," embedding the ad. @QueenJidah applauded the advertisement's brilliance. "Call the commercial stupid if you want to, I'll call it GENIUS! That is definitely the ONE commercial that got EVERYONES ATTENTION!" they said.

Multiple viewers reported that they blamed and yelled at other family members for changing the channel during the commercial, thinking that they had accidentally switched to something different. LarkspurCreates' family's vivid response to the commercial encapsulates the mini-frenzy the ad caused. "My whole family broke out blaming each other for sitting on the remote. My dad said my brother was but really it was the ad. My dad was also very clearly holding the remote. We all said that we hated Tubi after seeing this ad."

Audience members weren't alone in being stunned by Tubi's commercial; both "Rabbit Hole" and "Interference Interruption" have earned the company a Super Clio for best advertisement airing during the 2023 Super Bowl. That's definitely a digital touchdown for the ages.