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Wes Bentley Once Stormed Out Of A Yellowstone Cast Off-Set Hangout In Anger

For an actor, it's hard to get a resume as packed with hits as Wes Bentley's without taking yourself seriously. Breaking into the scene as Ricky Fitts in Sam Mendes' critically acclaimed feature film "American Beauty," Bentley would go on to appear in huge films like "The Hunger Games," "Interstellar," and "Mission Impossible — Fallout." Currently, he stars as the ruthless lawyer and politician Jamie Dutton on the massively popular Paramount+ series "Yellowstone." While describing Jamie as competitive would be an understatement, apparently it's a trait Bentley shares with his character.

On a recent episode of "The Official Yellowstone Podcast" (produced by the Paramount Network and 101 Studios), co-hosts and "Yellowstone" actors Jen Landon (who plays Dutton ranch hand Teeter) and Jefferson White (Jimmy Hurdstom) sat down with Colby actor Denim Richards for a discussion humorously titled "Romance on the Ranch." Toward the end of the episode, Landon asked Richards and White if there were any memorable moments that occurred off-set involving the cast of the series, prompting White to recall a particularly unusual story involving Bentley leaving a casual cast meet-up in anger.

Bentley is a very competitive athlete, even in friendly games

"I think [during] Season 1 we [the cast] went bowling," Jefferson White began on the podcast, "and Wes Bentley got so mad because he lost in bowling that he left." Landon immediately burst into a fit of laughter as Richards solemnly confirmed, "He did leave... he did leave." White continued, saying that it was "one of our first big group hangs as a cast" and that everyone really wanted to "keep the vibes good." But after a brutal stretch of bad luck in the lanes, White said, laughing, that "Wes got in his car and f***ing left."

Both Richards and White remember feeling guilty, with Richards specifically pointing out that due to his own competitive nature and the individuality of bowling, he was actively rooting for everyone else to fail. After seeing Bentley getting so upset, however, even Richards was hoping for him to net a few strikes.

"We're all sitting there just, like, praying," White continued. "Trying to manifest Wes getting a strike." White further clarified why the bowling loss bruised Wes so much, saying, "Wes is a really good athlete, he takes everything very seriously. He's an incredibly pleasant, very smart guy, and we — all of us — have our days where we're a few bad rolls away... from cracking."