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What Is The Song In Amazon's 'Saving Sawyer' Super Bowl 2023 Commercial?

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The "Saving Sawyer" commercial features a heartfelt story about a dog and his family with an incredibly touching backstory. Those who watched arguably one of the most heartfelt promos that aired during Super Bowl LVII may be wondering what song can be heard playing in the background of the Amazon ad.

The commercial follows the family dog Sawyer as he interacts with everyone and how he deals with loneliness when they leave for the day. And at certain times, things get a little messy. After a lot of dog-related destruction occurs, the family decides he needs a friend, and another canine is brought in to keep him company. According to Amazon, in real life, Sawyer was rescued from a shelter five years ago and turned out to be pretty good in front of the camera. After having no home, Sawyer has now managed to make it into the millions of homes, tuning into the big game in the Amazon commercial, which had an outstanding soundtrack.

Amazon has been known to make some pretty solid song choices in the past with such excellent examples, including their early Black Friday "Lonely Yeti "ad, which featured the tune "Okay okay" by Pino D'AngiĆ² and the "Romeo and Juliet" commercial that played "Jiggle Jiggle" by Duke & Jones and Louis Theroux. When it comes to the "Saving Sawyer" commercial, it looks like they made another exceptional choice.

Love by Nancy Adams is playing in the Saving Sawyer commercial

There is no denying that sometimes pets can be a handful, but many would agree that the love an animal shows its owner makes it all worth it, which is why the track selection for the ad in question is so perfect. The song the viewers can hear in the background of the Amazon "Saving Sawyer" commercial is one that's been around for a while, and if it sounds familiar to some, it's because it's been used before on the big screen in some Oscar-caliber endeavors. The track in question is "Love" by Nancy Adams, which was made for the soundtrack for the animated 1973 Disney film "Robin Hood." Floyd Huddleston and George Bruns provided the lyrics and music, with Nancy Ford, Huddleston's wife, chosen to sing the song. After it was released, "Love" received a nomination for the Best Original Song honor at the Academy Awards in 1974. The tune can also be found on the soundtrack to Wes Anderson's 2009 Academy Award-nominated stop-motion film "Fantastic Mr. Fox."

The video for Amazon offers a touching tale with a heartwarming backstory, all to the sound of some well-chosen music that lives up to its name. While many people will be talking about the game-changing trailers or hilarious celebrity cameos, "Saving Sawyer" deserves to be in the conversation regarding who makes the cut for the list of the best 2023 Super Bowl commercials.