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Netflix Is Using Will Ferrell In A 2023 Super Bowl Ad To Settle Angry Subscribers (& It's Not Working)

Little over half a decade ago, Netflix could do no wrong. The year was 2016, and "Stranger Things" had just premiered. Throwing fans into the nostalgia of the '80s and love of Dungeons and Dragons, the new series followed a gripping mystery in the land of fantasy. Laboratory experiment Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) became an icon as she learned to hone her powers. Now with the fifth and final season of the series in sight, Netflix has fallen on hard times.

Though the streaming platform continues to have some hits, such as the anti-capitalist nightmare "Squid Game," popular shows continue to be canceled at an alarming rate. At this year's Super Bowl, Netflix and Will Ferrell have been paired to promote GM in a humorous commercial. In addition to a "Squid Game" homage, viewers can also see the "SNL" comedian in scenes with The Fab Five as well as a topical "Stranger Things" reference. But as much as this seems it should be a crowd-pleaser, fans on social media are less than amused.

Mass cancelations have turned viewers against Netflix

It is a new television season, and that means there are new shows for Netflix to destroy. "Stranger Things" and "The Witcher" are safe because they're part of the cultural zeitgeist, but lesser-known series that have accumulated a steady fan base have sadly gotten the axe. Even though "The Bastard Son & the Devil Himself" was based on a popular book series and still has a decent 7.5 stars on IMDb, it never made it to Season 2 (via Netflix). Because of this, Will Ferrell bringing Netflix's favorites together seemed to fan the flames of irate subscribers.

"When you say 'All your Netflix favorites', does that includes #WarriorNun?' How about you #SaveWarriorNun," @beyoushe posted on Twitter. "Warrior Nun" won't be getting a third season but was a hit that never got a chance. Other fans had another bone to pick with the platform. To get more subscribers, Netflix plans to charge subscribers an additional fee for password sharing, which has been controversial at best (via Netflix).

"Sadly I won't be watching any of this due to your illegal new rules," reflected @MichiWentz. Once "Stranger Things" ends for good, Netflix will clearly have to find another strategy.