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Stranger Things Fans Are Still Not Over Bob's Devastating Mistake

It's been years since Netflix dropped "Stranger Things" Season 2, attempting to recapture the magic of its breakout series. Although fans can make the case that Season 1 is still the best, Season 2 is an adequate successor, introducing audiences to new characters like Max (Sadie Sink), Murray (Brett Gelman), and Bob (Sean Astin). While Max and Murray live on to play pivotal roles in future seasons, Bob isn't so lucky, dying a gruesome death in the penultimate episode.

Bob's death was a surprise for "Stranger Things" fans, as Season 2 gave audiences a look into his wonderful relationship with Joyce (Winona Ryder). Even after Joyce thrust all of the information about the Upside Down, Bob doesn't hesitate to help her find help for Will, who's battling a virus from the Mind Flayer. Unfortunately, that help is what eventually got him killed. In Season 2, Episode 8, "Chapter Eight: The Mind Flayer," after Bob manages to bring power back to the lab, allowing the other characters to escape, he makes the unbelievable mistake of knocking down a broom, alerting the Demodogs. Just as he's mere feet from safety and Joyce, one of the creatures pounces on him, mauling him to death.

Although the Duffer Brothers initially had a completely different plan for his death, Bob remains at the forefront of many "Stranger Things" fans' minds. He was only on the show for a short time, but he successfully captured their hearts. Years later, fans still haven't gotten over his death.

Fans just wanted a happy ending for Bob

Years after Bob met his end in "Stranger Things" Season 2, u/DaSkrambledEgg took to Reddit to discuss how, to this day, they're shocked by Bob knocking over the broom, leading to his death. U/Candypants24 agreed, listing the scene as one of the most stress-inducing moments of the series. U/ilovemarvel69 reminisced on watching Episode 8 for the first time, saying it left them screaming at Bob to run instead of looking at Joyce, and it still hurts to think about his death. U/LilyMarie90 replied, reflecting on Bob and Joyce's relationship, saying, "[Bob] was so in love, throughout the season always looked at [Joyce] like he couldn't believe she was really with him or like he felt like he didn't deserve her, and then he looked at her for a second too long in the end."

Many "Stranger Things" fans were quick to compliment the writers, expressing that, even on rewatches, a part of them still thinks that Bob could make it out of the lab alive. U/CougarWrtier74 said, "Every time I rewatch, I think he's gonna make it. Just like when you watch 'Titanic' and think they're gonna miss hitting the iceberg." U/LilyMarie90 returned to give her two cents on Bob's final moments, saying the writers had fans convinced that Bob was safe right before the Demodog jumped on him.

U/Curious-PsychCat-25 had the most genuine reaction, arriving to the party late and watching "Stranger Things" Season 2 for the first time years after everyone. They expressed their love for Bob and how his death left them completely heartbroken, just like everyone else.