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The Ending Of The Legend Of Vox Machina Season 2 Explained

The adventure begins anew in Season 2 of "The Legend of Vox Machina." Rather, it continues where Season 1 left off — with an explosive cliffhanger that had fans eagerly waiting a full year to see what would happen next for Grog (Travis Willingham), Keyleth (Marisha Ray), Pike (Ashley Johnson), Percy (Taliesin Jaffe), Scanlan (Sam Riegel), Vex (Laura Bailey), and Vax (Liam O'Brien).

"The Legend of Vox Machina," inspired by the "Dungeons & Dragons" campaign web series "Critical Role," has both critics and fantasy fans enthralled, thanks to its compelling characters, story, heart, and humorous mature content. The animated series was funded primarily by "Critical Role" fans, thanks to a Kickstarter begun by the group in 2019. Initially, the fundraiser was meant for a single animated special, but overwhelming donations made it possible for the project to be lengthened into a 10-episode series. Amazon picked up the rights to the series shortly after, commissioning two additional episodes for Season 1 and another 12 for the second.

The storyline for Season 2 follows the Chroma Conclave, a powerful alliance between four ancient dragons who threaten the continent of Tal'Dorei. It's up to Vox Machina to defeat the Conclave and save the day, but there are a lot of obstacles for them to overcome. Now that the final episodes have made it to Amazon Prime, it's time to talk about the ending of Season 2 and what it means for this misfit band of adventurers. 

Where Grog gets his strength

Grog's strength is tested in Season 2, though not in the way we might expect. After his trusty axe is broken in a fight against the dragon Raishan (Cree Summer), he begins using Craven Edge, Sylas Briarwood's former sword. Although the blade makes Grog stronger, the sentient weapon drinks the blood of anyone who falls victim to its brutality. Grog soon learns that Craven Edge's thirst is never satiated, and the worst happens when he mistakenly impales his best buddy Pike while possessed by the sword.

Thankfully, Grog comes to his senses and breaks Craven Edge in half but loses his swoll figure as the sword saps his strength. Grog goes into a deep depression, leaving Pike and Scanlan to nurse him in his weakened state. Eventually, the three of them make it to Westruun, where Grog reveals to Pike his shameful history and the bad blood between him and his uncle, Kevdak (Ralph Ineson). They discover that Kevdak currently rules over Westruun with an iron fist while serving the black dragon, Umbrasyl (Matthew Mercer), who demands payment from Westruun's oppressed citizens.

Grog confronts his uncle in a challenge for leadership of the herd. Though he may not be at his peak physically, Grog is able to answer the question put to him by Earthbreaker Groon (Ike Amadi) in Vasselheim. His true strength doesn't come from his muscles — or even his heart. It comes from his friends and from his willingness to do what is right. Grog defeats Kevdak with Vox Machina's help and succeeds in procuring one of the Vestiges, the Titanstone Knuckles.

Scanlan finds his courage

Ah, yes, Scanlan Shorthalt -– talented musician, wielder of a giant magic hand, and teller of bad sex jokes. We can't help but love this charming, charismatic gnome, but he does make it difficult for anyone to take him seriously, including the members of his own party.

Though he loves being in the spotlight, Scanlan has never shown much interest in being a hero. However, in Season 2 of "The Legend of Vox Machina," we see Scanlan's character evolve into more than just comic relief. When the Chroma Conclave attacks Emon at he beginning of the season, Scanlan's first instinct is to turn tail and run, leaving the continent to its fate. In "Into Rimecleft," Scanlan has a rare moment of sincerity during a heart-to-heart with the sphinx, Kamaljiori (Tony Plana). After composing a ballad that reminds Kamaljiori of his mate, Osysa (Alanna Ubach), Scanlan confesses that he's never known real love, though he wants it badly. Throughout the season, we see glimpses of a deepening attraction between Scanlan and Pike, but Scanlan continuously ruins the mood with inappropriate jokes.

By the end of Season 2, Scanlan has changed considerably. He even has his heroic moment in the Season 2 finale when he makes the killing blow against Umbrasyl with the Mythcarver sword. The gnome has come a long way since the beginning of the Chroma Conclave story arc, and fans can rest assured that there is still much more to come for their favorite bard.

Keyleth comes into her power

Even with her sweet disposition and awkward social cues, Keyleth is a powerful druid whose magic abilities are essential to Vox Machina. It was thanks to her that Sylas Briarwood met his end in Season 1, and her spells have saved the team on numerous occasions. Though Keyleth occasionally doubts her skills, she comes into her own in the Season 2 episode, "Pass Through Fire."

As the group searches for the Vestiges of Divergence, Scanlan notices a long-dormant volcano erupting in the distance. Once there, Keyleth discovers that the fire Ashari are under attack by monsters from the Fire Plane, thanks to a rift torn open when Thordak (Lance Reddick) escaped his fiery prison. Rushing to aid her fellow Ashari, Keyleth finds her father, Korrin (Fred Tatasciore), along with old friends Kima (Stephanie Beatriz) and Allura (Indira Varma), attempting to seal the rift. Though happy to be reunited with Korrin, Keyleth is too ashamed to correct him when he assumes she has completed her Aramenté. When her father is badly hurt and almost dies, Keyleth confesses that she has not completed her Aramente because she fears she isn't good enough.

In the end, Keyleth saves the day once again. Remembering the words of her mother, Keyleth pushes through the rift and is consumed by the flames. She transforms into a creature made of pure fire, destroying the last of the monsters and closing the rift. By the end of Season 2, Keyleth has undergone a transformation both inside and out. Though she is still the shy elf girl we know and love, her self-confidence has grown, and her abilities will only continue to improve.

Vax's pact with the Matron

The bond between Vex'ahlia and Vax'ildan is so unshakeable that even death cannot keep them apart. The twins have been through a lot together, as we learn in Season 2. They ran away from their abusive father to strike out on their own at a very young age and have only had each other to rely on.

In "The Sunken Tomb," Vax is confronted with the unthinkable when a magical trap kills his sister. He watches in horror as the image of a masked being, whom he had seen previously in Emon, appears to collect Vex's soul. Recognizing her as the Matron of Ravens (Courtenay Taylor), Vax strikes a bargain with the goddess of death to spare his sister's life in return for becoming her champion.

Though he accepts the role of champion and the Deathwalker's Ward armor that comes with it, Vax struggles with the weight of this new burden, resisting every step of the way. Finally, he decides to confer with the Matron herself at one of her temples near Whiteruun. Though she is indeed an imposing figure, the goddess helps Vax to finally understand the symmetry between life, death, and the threads of fate that connect all living things.

As Vax acquiesces to his fate, he gains incredible new powers, including the ability to fly with the Deathwalker's Ward. There are still many challenges ahead for him and the other members of Vox Machina, and we can be sure that the Matron of Ravens will still have a big role to play in their ultimate destiny. 

Vex and her found family

We learn more about Vex and Vax's origins in Season 2 of "The Legend of Vox Machina," including their childhood with their stern father, Syldor (Troy Baker). The siblings stayed with him for a time in Syngorn when they were younger but bore the brunt of his constant criticism. Vex, in particular, tried everything she could to earn her father's approval, but nothing seemed to be good enough to meet his high standards. Having had enough, Vax and Vex leave Syngorn to survive on their own.

When Vex, Vax, Percy, and Keyleth come upon the city of Syngorn in the Fey Realm, there is a tense family reunion with Syldor. They are introduced to his wife, Devana (Toks Olagundoye), and the twins meet their half-sister, Velora (Jayla Lavender Nicholas). It turns out that Syldor hasn't changed much, and when the group asks for his help in finding Fenthras, the Vestige they are searching for, the elf ambassador is as cold as ever. Later, when they see the Echo Tree, Vex is bewitched by the corrupted Saundor (Sendhil Ramamurthy), who seeks to claim her heart. Sensing her pain, Saundor offers Vex all of the love that has been denied to her. Thankfully, Vex sees through his illusion, telling him that her heart belongs to someone else — a certain human noble, perhaps?

After Vex defeats Saundor and takes the Fenthras bow for her own, she chooses not to return to Syngorn to confront Syldor, claiming she is not ready. As toxic as Syldor is, we can't say we blame her. Although she might have a long way to go with her issues with her father, it appears that Vex is on the right track. And her newfound family, Vox Machina, will be there to back her up.

A daughter for Scanlan

At the end of the episode "The Killbox," Scanlan gets the shock of a lifetime when Kaylie (Aisling Franciosi) reveals that she is his daughter. What isn't surprising is that Scanlan doesn't remember Kaylie's mother or even know who she is. Of course, he tries to make up a story about lost love, but Kaylie immediately sees through the lie. It turns out that she has harbored a decades-long grudge against Scanlan for leaving her and her mother and now wants Scanlan dead. When Scanlan freely offers her to stab him in the heart, Kaylie can't bring herself to finish the deed and instead chooses to leave him with the weight of his guilt.

The information of his newly discovered offspring weighs heavily on Scanlan in the last few episodes of "The Legend of Vox Machina." He speaks to Kaylie once more before she leaves with Dr. Dranzel's troupe, promising to change and be a better father. She tells him that he has a lot of atoning to do before she can accept him into her life. She also informs him that she will be traveling to the city of Ank'Harel in Marquet -– a place that Vox Machina will likely be visiting in the future, as a lot of storyline takes place there during the "Critical Role" campaign.

Learning about Kaylie is the beginning of a huge wake-up call for Scanlan. It's clear that he wants to be a better person and now that he has a good reason to do so, which means that there may be hope for the lusty bard yet. It's a safe bet that the series will likely explore more of the relationship between Scanlan and Kaylie in future seasons.

Ripley, believe it or not

Dr. Anna Ripley (Kelly Hu) was once an ally to the Briarwoods, but her allegiance has changed following the villainous power couple's demise in Season 1 of "The Legend of Vox Machina." When we last saw her, she had escaped Vox Machina in Whitestone, only to later reappear in Westruun. Her hunger for power and knowledge is stronger than ever, and she pragmatically aligns herself with Umbrasyl, a member of the Chroma Conclave.

Using a scrying stone, Ripley discovers that Vox Machina is searching for the Vestiges of Divergence. She convinces Umbrasyl to concentrate on obtaining them, appealing to his treasure-hungry nature. With her skills in manipulation, it's clear that Ripley is using Umbrasyl for her own ends. Part of her deal with the dragon is that he will gain the Vestiges and she will receive certain resources. Although it isn't stately specifically what these resources may be used for, we can assume that it has something to do with her research in building a gun like Percy's. Her deception and cleverness only get her so far, however, and her plan is upended when Vox Machina defeats Umbrasyl, leaving her once again on the run and without any allies.

At the time of Season 2's conclusion, Vox Machina still has no idea about Ripley's involvement or whereabouts. Though they may not have crossed paths this season, there's a strong chance they'll meet face-to-face in Season 3 — and hopefully put an end to her meddling once and for all.

The enemy of my enemy

"The Legend of Vox Machina" Season 2 is full of surprises, but none of them can compare to the big twist in the final episode, "The Hope Devourer." After defeating Umbrasyl in battle, Vox Machina returns to Whitestone to celebrate with their friends and discuss their next course of action. This feels like a good place to round out the season, but we are thrown for a loop when Keeper Yennen is revealed to be none other than a core member of the Chroma Conclave, Raishan, in disguise.

As Yennen, Raishan drugs the members of the Tal'Dorei council to have a private chat with Vox Machina. She tells them that she, too, has beef with Thordak, the Cinder King, and suggests they form an alliance. She informs them that Thordak is going insane, and the only way they will be able to stop him is with her help. 

Though the group is understandably slow to trust the Diseased Deceiver, they may not have any other choice. As Percy points out, they may have put one dragon down, but there are still three more to go. Moving forward, it will be interesting to see how this tenuous relationship with Raishan transpires. The green dragon played a very important role in the original "Critical Role" campaign, and it will no doubt continue to do so in future episodes of "The Legend of Vox Machina."

Thordak's true intentions

Once Raishan makes herself known to Vox Machina in the Season 2 finale, the scene transitions to Thordak and Vorugal (Liam O'Brien) in the burning city of Emon. Vorugal brings tidings to the Cinder King of Umbrasyl's death and predicts that Vox Machina will come for them next. Thordak doesn't seem the least bit bothered by the news, though, as the camera pans down to reveal a clutch of scaly eggs hidden within the ancient dragon's fiery lair. In a villainous monologue, Thordak states that an army will be waiting for Vox Machina when they arrive -– an army that will conquer all of Tal'Dorei.

This final scene of Season 2 promises a whole heap of new troubles for our heroes. As if the idea of four all-powerful dragons wasn't bad enough, Vox Machina may now have an entire army of dragons to go up against. Before that, they still have to deal with Vorugal and the Cinder King himself. Then there's Raishan, whose intentions still aren't clearly evident and whose deceitful ways are not to be trusted. Even with Raishan's help, Vox Machina has an extremely challenging task ahead of them -– one that may or may not be resolved in "The Legend of Vox Machina" Season 3.