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Funko Pops You Can Sell For Hundreds Of Dollars Right Now

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Most pop culture fans own a Funko Pop or two—the cute creations can be awfully hard to resist—but some people take Funko obsession to a whole new level, looking to add every Pop ever made to their extensive collections. Doing so can cost you: some rare Pops go for hundreds and even thousands of dollars on the reseller's market. If you're lucky enough to own any of these high-value Funko Pops, you could turn a quick sale into some nice extra cushion in your bank account.

Freddy Funko Metallic Count Chocula ($3,494.44)

Like many sought-after Pops, the Freddy Funko metallic Count Chocula, released in 2011, was a San Diego Comic-Con exclusive. While just the plain old Count Chocula can still net you over $100, the metallic version can get you thousands of dollars, with one selling for nearly $3,500 in an eBay auction. Your likelihood of finding one of these babies in your collection is pretty low, though— only 12 were ever released. 

Freddy Funko Glow in the Dark Beetlejuice ($2,550)

Unfortunately, if you say Beetlejuice three times, you can't make the character's extremely rare glow in the dark Pop appear. Released at San Diego Comic-Con in 2012, only 12 were put out into the world. If you're a lucky owner, you can look to net a couple thousand dollars selling it on eBay—or, if you're just a regular Beetlejuice fan, you can pick up a different glow in the dark variant of the character for just over $100.

Holographic Darth Maul ($2,155)

Another San Diego Comic-Con exclusive, only 480 of these holographic Darth Maul pops were put out into the world. The Pops feature the Star Wars villain in an intimidating stance, and they have the added bonus of glowing in the dark. You can net over $2,000 for one of these, but don't be too excited if you have just a regular old Darth Maul— that'll only get you about $10

Freddy Funko Black Power Ranger ($1,724)

Yet another San Diego Comic-Con exclusive, Freddy Funko dressed as the Black Power Ranger was made into only 24 Pops for the 2017 convention. Since he came out so recently, there haven't been many sales online just yet, but those who've decided to price out their figure have gotten a fair sum in return. If you happened to be lucky enough to land this special edition, you could net more than $1,500— and possibly even more if you wait a little longer. 

Planet Arlia Vegeta ($1,681)

Vegeta is a fan favorite on Dragonball Z, and it turns out his Pop is pretty popular as well. The figure, released exclusively by Toy Tokyo at the New York Comic-Con in 2014, will net you over $1,500. As some have noted, though, this figure isn't far off from the regular Vegeta Pop and could pretty easily be customized, so if you're not a collector and just want the right look, that may be the way to go. And if you're committed to getting the real thing, you'd better be willing to shell out some big bucks. 

Biggs Darklighter ($1,600)

Another San Diego Comic-Con exclusive, only 480 of the Star Wars Biggs Darklighter Pops hit the market in 2012. The Pops have since shown a pretty high resale value, with most fetching upwards of $1,500 for a mint condition figure. Talk about an intergalactic steal for the lucky few who find this in their collection. 

Star Wars Shadow Trooper ($1,575)

Another popular Star Wars Pop, the shadow trooper hit the streets at San Diego Comic-Con in 2011, with only 480 released. This Pop may not net quite as much as the Biggs Darklighter exclusive, but it comes close, with some selling for upwards of $1,500 on eBay. Darth Vader would approve. 

Glow in the Dark Green Lantern ($1,575)

Two versions of the glow in the dark Green Lantern Pop were released at San Diego Comic-Con in 2010, and both will net you a pretty profit. The number nine can sell for near $1,500 with its standard Funko-style box, while the Funko Force version, which comes in a clamshell box instead of the normal window box, could net you somewhere over $1,600. Just 240 copies of both versions hit the market. If you're not ready to shell out those big bucks for one of your own, you can get a regular Pop of the character for just over $20, or a Dorbz version for under $10.

Flocked Chewbacca ($1,560)

While there are quite a few Chewbacca Pops on the market, only one will net you the big bucks— the number six, flocked bobble-head version released at San Diego Comic-Con in 2011. Only 480 of this version of the character were released, and the popular figure can sell for upwards of $1,500 on eBay. If you're just looking for a regular old Chewbacca Pop, though, there are quite a few $10 options to choose from.

Metallic The Notorious B.I.G. ($1,525)

While the regular Notorious B.I.G. Pop goes for a couple hundred dollars, it's the metallic version that brings in the big money. The metallic Pop, with just 240 versions on the market from its 2011 San Diego Comic-Con release, will net you somewhere around $1,500. The Urban Vinyl Pop, also with just 240 editions released by Toy Tokyo at SDCC, can also net upwards of $1,000. 

Black and White Wonder Woman ($1,525)

Wonder Woman has been the talk of the town since her standalone DCEU film took over the summer box office, but her Pop was a coveted collectors' item long before the movie's release. The particularly rare version of the character is the black-and-white variant, which was released in 2011 via Toy Tokyo at New York Comic-Con. With only 240 pieces on the market, this Pop can help you lasso in over $1,500.

Freddy Funko Joker ($1,499.99)

Just 200 Freddy Funko as the Clown Prince figures hit the market in 2013 at San Diego Comic-Con, with the signature character rocking a much more sinister look. While there are lots of Joker Pops out there, Freddy's version of the character is certainly the most lucrative, bringing in $1,500 on the online auction market. 

Freddy Funko Buzz Lightyear ($1,375)

Another valuable Freddy Funko Pop features the character as Toy Story's Buzz Lightyear, rocking Buzz's space suit along with a golden version of Freddy's crown. This Pop, also a San Diego Comic-Con exclusive, saw just 125 pieces released in 2011, so it's in pretty high demand. You can net over $1,300 if you're willing to part with this space ranger. 

The Avengers Loki ($1,250)

If you're a Marvel fan, there's a good chance you have a Loki Pop in your collection, but it probably isn't this golden-outfitted San Diego Comic-Con exclusive. Released in 2012, the figure—only 480 of which were released—features Loki in his Avengers gear. If you play your cards right, you can trick your way into a $1,200 haul with this Pop. 

Gold Metallic Dumbo ($1,225)

Funko made one of their smallest batches of this gold metallic Dumbo Pop, releasing just 48 pieces at San Diego Comic-Con in 2013. If you happen to find one of these rare, big-eared creatures in your collection, you could find yourself with upwards of $1,200. There's also a chance that you may find a non-gold metallic version of Dumbo in your haul—and while that one won't net you quite as much, with 480 pieces released, there's still a chance you can bring in a couple hundred dollars for it. 

Metallic Captain America ($1,200)

While your regular old Steve Rogers Pop might not net you very much, if you have a full-on masked Captain America figure, you could be looking at a supersized profit. The metallic number six variant of the character, released at San Diego Comic-Con in 2011, could net you $1,200. With just 480 pieces on the market, this Pop might be rarer than Vibranium. 

Flashpoint Batman ($1,200)

Bruce Wayne probably isn't worth much on the Pop market, but Thomas Wayne definitely is. The Pop of Batman's father as the Caped Crusader from the DC Comics arc Flashpoint was released in 2011 at New York Comic-Con, where just 480 pieces made it to market. Today, it'll pull in $1,200—not quite enough to make you Wayne Enterprises rich, but definitely a nice haul.

Freddy Funko Blue Suit Batman ($900)

Freddy Funko as Bruce Wayne doesn't command quite as impressive a price as Thomas Wayne, but he'll still bring in an impressive haul. The blue-suited version of the character was released at San Diego Comic-Con in 2013, with just 200 pieces released at the convention. If you're willing to part with this version of the Dark Knight, you could be looking at as much as $900. 

Freddy Funko Poe Dameron ($900)

Everyone's favorite X-wing pilot got his own Pop at the San Diego Comic-Con in 2017, with 200 pieces of Freddy Funko dressed as the character hitting the market. Those Pops will net you a profit worth some intergalactic bragging, bringing in as much as $900 online. If you're just a fan of Oscar Isaac (and who would blame you?), you can get one of a few regular Poe Pops for somewhere in the $10 range

Headless Ned Stark ($700)

Ned Stark wasn't long for the world during Game of Thrones, but that doesn't mean that people aren't still coveting his Pop as much as the Iron Throne. Stark's headless figure, 1,0008 copies of which saw release at the San Diego Comic-Con in 2013, can get you as much as $700 online. If you're okay owning Ned Stark with his head still attached, you can get that version of the character for just $10.