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Matt Damon And Ben Affleck Reunite In The Trailer For Nike Docudrama Air

What do Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, and shoes have in common? They're all a big part of the upcoming docudrama, "Air," which tells the story of Sonny Vaccaro's (Damon) quest to get Michael Jordan to wear Nike shoes, bringing the company and its products back into relevance in 1984.

The film will also star Affleck as Phil Knight, a co-founder and CEO of Nike at the time and one of the primary people Sonny needed to convince to create the Air Jordans, alongside Rob Strasser, played by Jason Bateman. Both Damon and Affleck are also producing, with Affleck serving as the film's director.

Recently, we got a new look at the film through an official trailer, which shows how the docudrama will chronicle the real story of how Nike bounced back. Full of both tense moments and funny ones, the trailer is sure to get shoe enthusiasts pumped to see the film in theaters come April 2023.

Air's trailer is full of drama and comedy

As the trailer for "Air" conveys, the film will start with Sonny Vaccaro being brought into Nike in order to solve their problems of declining sales and growth. At first struggling to find any good ideas, Sonny eventually confronts two people who appear to be Michael Jordan's parents, presumably asking them if their son would be willing to wear Nike shoes in order to promote the brand.

Playing the song "Sister Christian" by Night Ranger, a triumphant, high-energy piece appropriately from 1984, we see quick shots of the cast yelling, laughing, and eventually cheering as their bet on Nike pays off.

"I believe in your son. I believe he's the future. And his story is going to make us want to fly. But a shoe is just a shoe," Sonny tells Jordan's mother, Deloris (Viola Davis). To this, she responds, "Until my son steps into it."

"Air" comes to theaters on April 5, then heads to Amazon Prime at an unknown date.