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Ben Affleck's Nike Film Air Will Hit Theaters Ahead Of Amazon Prime

Amazon's streaming service has a wide range of exclusive films for its subscribers that are available on the small screen. But the company seems to be shifting its focus toward the big screen for an assortment of its upcoming titles, including the movie "Air," which will see Ben Affleck in front of the camera and the director's chair.

Throughout the years, Ben Affleck has entertained audiences with a vast array of fascinating roles that have been big hits with moviegoers and critics throughout his career (via Rotten Tomatoes). The motion picture "Air" is set to be yet another excellent addition to what many would agree is a rather impressive list of credits obtained by the Academy Award winner. The film tells the story of how Nike signed one of basketball's greatest players, Michael Jordan, back when he was a rising star in the NBA to a shoe deal that would become insanely popular with consumers and inevitably change the sneaker industry forever. Affleck will play Nike Co-founder Phil Knight while simultaneously helming the project, and Matt Damon will also star as former Nike executive Sonny Vaccaro. Joining them in the cast is a star-studded lineup of talent that includes Chris Messina, Marlon Wayans, Jason Batmen, Gustaff Skarsgard, Chris Tucker, Julius Tennon, and Viola Davis.

Deadline broke the news about the film in April 2022, and when the announcement was made, it was revealed that the movie was being done under the banner of Amazon Studios. It seemed all but certain the film was potentially set to be an exclusive streaming endeavor, but now there has been confirmation that won't be the case for "Air."

Amazon believes Air deserves time on the big screen

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the movie "Air" will make its theatrical debut on April 5, 2023, with a streaming release date still unknown. The head of Amazon and MGM studios, Jennifer Salke, clarified why they feel it necessary to put the film in theaters. "Ben, Matt, and this all-star cast have delivered a fantastic film that will move, inspire and entertain audiences around the globe," Salke said in a statement. "With Ben's incredible direction, the film delivers a nostalgic look back at a culture-defining moment that absolutely lends itself to a global theatrical event." While this maneuver may seem unexpected, this isn't the first time the streaming powerhouse has made it known it isn't afraid to send its titles to the big screen.

In November 2022, it was reported that Amazon had cultivated a strategy to invest $1 billion each year to have a dozen films debut in theaters before becoming available on the streamer (via Bloomberg). "Air" will be one of many titles in the future from Amazon that will get what some would probably consider a much-deserved theatrical run before becoming an Amazon Prime exclusive. Considering the studio's confidence in the flick, the big names involved, and the fascinating storyline, it isn't crazy to think Air could be a potential success at the movies for amazon and another great title to add to Ben Affleck's list of cinematic accomplishments.