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Doritos' Super Bowl 2023 Commercials With Missy Elliott Have Fans All Saying The Same Thing

Missy Elliott may be thought of by some as the Queen of Rap, but she also has several acting credits to her name. She appeared in an old episode of TGIF mainstay "Family Matters" as herself in 1997 back when she was still known as Missy "Misdemeanor" Elliott. She also appeared as herself the following year on "The Wayans Bros." In addition, Elliott infamously played Diva in the absurdist blaxploitation parody "Pootie Tang" in 2001. She also appeared in two episodes of the show "Star" in 2017 and provided the voice of YoYo on an episode of "American Dad!" That probably doesn't matter much to the rap diva because what she's done already is enough to have garnered her a spot on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2021 (per Variety). 

While the superstar is probably not looking to EGOT any time in the near future — and there's nothing wrong with that — it appears the rap icon is planning to add another acting credit to her resume. This time, however, Elliott will be appearing in a 2023 Super Bowl commercial alongside a younger rapper named Jack Harlow. While Elliott has been known as part of a good collaboration or two, this commercial may not be the type of collaboration she had in mind.

Fans are singing the praises of the rap icon

In the new teaser commercial, we see only Missy Elliott's end of a conversation between her and modern rapper Jack Harlow, with the latter rapper looking to collaborate with the great Miss E. 

"Jack Harlow!" the rapper and singer asked with a sing-songy tone. "Collab? You know I've been waiting to collab." She pauses briefly before asking, "A love triangle? I don't know about that." That's followed by a Doritos logo and the date of the Super Bowl, February 12th. Harlow might be lucky enough to be in the "Work It" rapper's class, but not necessarily in her dating pool, as the 51-year-old legend is 27 years Harlow's senior.

The responses may have mentioned Harlow from time to time, but otherwise, they almost all focused on the same thing: the fact that the Queen does not look her age at all. "She looks like she's 20 years old," said YouTube commenter Trang, before continuing "What a queen." Similar things were said about her on Twitter, where @rachetcoutoure suggested that the singer was aging in reverse. 

It's almost little surprise that the famous rapper Harlow wanted Elliot for his prearranged love triangle given how youthful and gorgeous the music icon looks to be. But why exactly those two are starting a love triangle remains one of those mysteries that will have to remain under wraps until February 12th.