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What Is The Song In Belvedere Vodka's Commercial With Daniel Craig?

In November 2022, the director of films such as "Thor: Love and Thunder" and "Jojo Rabbit," Taika Waititi, released a different project from what fans might be used to. He directed an advertisement for Belvedere Vodka starring none other than Daniel Craig, the actor behind famous roles such as Benoit Blanc in the "Knives Out" movies and James Bond in, well, the James Bond films.

The commercial starts out in black and white, with Craig staring out over a bridge as a somber organ and vocals play. He then gives a smirk, walks through a crowd, and gets into a fancy car, emerging with the scene now in full color and the real song starting. Throughout the rest of the ad, Craig is seen grooving to the beat of the music as he makes his way to his hotel room, where he opens a cabinet revealing Belvedere Vodka.

It's a fun and energetic commercial, in large part thanks to the lively music that plays throughout. But where is the song from?

The untitled song was written especially for the commercial

If you're having trouble placing where exactly you've heard the song, that's because you very likely haven't ever heard it before. Written by Rita Ora and Giggs, the song was created especially for the Belvedere Vodka commercial. As of now, the song also has no official title nor an independent release, on its own or part of an album.

It's a shame, because the song really has a catchy groove to it, and Daniel Craig's smooth dancing makes you want to join in as well, perhaps along with drinking a certain alcoholic beverage for those old enough to legally and safely do so.

In the "Director's Cut" version of the ad, we also get to see Taika Waititi in the director's chair, yelling "cut" and telling Craig to just be himself. We also get to see a series of bloopers, with Waititi slapping away sushi (once amazingly landing in his coffee cup), and another shot of Craig cooly jumping into a pool, to the crew's applause.