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Tony Romo Fans Are In Stitches Over His Michelob Ultra Cinderella Story Super Bowl 2023 Commercial

As the success of "80 for Brady" has shown us, football players and acting roles can often be two peas in a very comfortable pod. Actors as diverse as Alex Karras, Terry Bradshaw, Jim Brown, and Lyle Alzado got their start on the gridiron. Perhaps the hard knocks of life on the field prepare them for the harsh world of acting.

Tony Romo's just the latest football player to test out his acting chops — in this instance, via a teaser for a Super Bowl commercial for Michelob ULTRA in which he is set to star. The former football player can be seen doing his best impression of Carl (Bill Murray) from "Caddyshack" while preparing to tee off on some flowers lining a walkway leading to his home and monologuing to himself about Cinderella stories — in a direct reference to this legendary scene from the film. Romo even wears a cap and a stained plaid shirt reminiscent of Carl's.

As the teaser connects with another ad Michelob has released ahead of the big game featuring Serena Williams which also references "Caddyshack" both in appearance and musical choice, the comedy appears to be a big part of the beer giant's campaign for this year's Super Bowl, just as "The Big Lebowski" served as inspiration for last year's campaign. And as for the acting on display, it turns out fans of Romo's are absolutely here for his first foray into the world of impressions.

Romo's audience in stitches...even though some think he's mocking Adam Sandler

Tony Romo already has some acting experience under his belt, thanks to appearances in "Trainwreck" and the film "Fantasy Football" as himself. But fans commenting on the YouTube version of Micholob ULTRA's teaser for their Romo-centric Super Bowl ad were quite surprised and pleased to find out that the athlete is also quite the impressionist.

"Tony Romo is the best actor of all the quarterbacks who have tried for commercials. Natural and funny on camera," said @jelemyjr.  Agreed @Xtinnoker, "This is a hit...that's my quarterback! Hilarious." Nearly every fan replying to the ad was delighted by its humor, got a good laugh out of it, and was pleased by Romo's spot-on Murray impression — though some mistook Romo's impression for a take on Adam Sandler's Happy Gilmore. 

Time will tell as to whether or not Romo manages to make a go of life in Hollywood, or if his acting career ends here.