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Jon Hamm Hopes His Hellmann's Super Bowl 2023 Commercial Leaves Viewers With A Laugh And A Lesson

Super Bowl LVII is shaping up to be a night of high-profile trailer debuts, buzzy reunions, and unexpected star pairings. For starters, PopCorners released an ad featuring the latest reunion between "Breaking Bad" stars Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul — their third after the show's conclusion, after appearing together in "El Camino" and "Better Call Saul". The cash-back service Rakuten also joined the fray with a "Clueless" commercial featuring Cher (Alicia Silverstone) and her one-time nemesis, Amber Mariens (Elisa Donovan). That's not to mention Serena Williams and Tony Romo teaming up for Michelob Ultra's "Caddyshack" homage.

Running with that theme, Jon Hamm has joined Brie Larson for yet another amusing commercial that is set to air at the big game. In addition to featuring Hamm and Larson in rather pint-sized roles, the commercial will feature two divisive American icons: Hellmann's mayonnaise and Pete Davidson. In the hands of lesser actors, that could prove distracting; Hamm, on the other hand, hopes the commercial will be educational.

Hamm wants people to waste less this weekend

In the commercial, Hamm and Larson discover that they have been miniaturized and stuffed into a refrigerator — Pete Davidson's refrigerator, that is. As it turns out, Davidson has tricked himself into believing that the "ham" and "brie" in his fridge are actually the award-winning stars. "You guys are really delicious," he says, through mayo-covered teeth, before Davidson's voiceover states, "Hellmann's brings leftovers to life."

Additionally, the commercial flashes the tagline, "Make taste not waste," which has pressed Hamm to wax poetic about Hellmann's message in an Access Hollywood interview. "Hopefully people will think about using and reusing and not wasting so much," Hamm says. "I think we could all probably benefit from that message."

As Access Hollywood mentions, the Super Bowl is one of the most wasteful days of the year. Only Thanksgiving is more wasteful. With that in mind, Hamm and Hellmann's seem to hope that viewers on Sunday don't bite off more Hamm and Brie than they can chew.