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The Adults - What We Know So Far About Director Alex Winter's Murder Mystery

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The mystery movie game is all the rage these days, with an abundance of great titles from the thought-provoking genre releasing in 2022 alone and several more on the way. One of which will be the feature film "The Adults," which will see actor and filmmaker Alex Winter serve as director and one of its cast members.

Whether it's solving a recent murder Agatha Christie style in flicks like "Knives Out" or stumbling on a case regarding a corpse such as "The Pale Blue Eye," the whodunnit capers of cinema never seem to get old. Audiences love a good tale of thrills and chills surrounding a puzzling death that is so much more than it seems, and Hollywood is continuously on the lookout for the next great murder-ridden cinematic conundrum. And while there are likely many more enigmatic titles on the way, "The Adults" could very well be a movie to watch out for when it releases. The enticing narrative teased and the talented people involved add to the intrigue of the upcoming motion picture.

While most details regarding the film are still shrouded in mystery, after a thorough investigation of all the clues and evidence, here is everything that could be dug up regarding "The Adults."

What is the release date for The Adults?

When the report first dropped about "The Adults," the announcement did not officially mention a release date. While that intel would have been helpful, the lack of a proven timetable shouldn't stop any savvy sleuths out there that can come to a reasonable conclusion regarding when the film may release.

According to Deadline, CAA Media Financing is acquiring the necessary backing, and Rocket Science is said to be handling the launch of the international sales at the European Film Market in Berlin, which takes place from February 16 to February 22, 2023. The revelation regarding their financial plans indicates the project is still in its early stages. Despite having several players ready to go on the roster, it seems it will be some time before the feature comes out. If one had to speculate a potential premiere date, it would appear wise to go with some time in 2024 at the earliest, but any day now, there could be a break in the case that spells out clearly when "The Adults" will arrive.

What is the plot of The Adults?

According to the film's IMDb page, the story of "The Adults" follows a struggling brother and sister named Nathan and Megan who make a shocking discovery. While most people find used junk and old storage items hidden in a basement, the two find a corpse in the cellar of their parents' house that has been there for some time. The chilling ordeal doesn't stop with the dreadful revelation as the event catapults the two unsuspecting siblings into the criminal underworld getting them mixed up in plenty of nefarious endeavors, including murder.

When discussing his excitement about the project, Alex Winter offered a little bit more on what the story for "The Adults" had to offer, saying it was a "darkly comic crime drama, which takes a sly look at the challenges we all face today, trying to survive in the modern world" (via Deadline). Writing the screenplay for the film is acclaimed novelist Michael M.B. Galvin, known for his "Rebel of the Lamp" books. The well-renowned author has previous script writing credits, including two cinematic adaptations, the 1999 feature "Freak Talks About Sex" and the 2012 movie "Fat Kid Rules the World" (via Rotten Tomatoes).

Who is in the cast for The Adults?

The cast for "The Adults" features some serious star power, and everyone involved has proven their ability on screen. Of the many talented players in the lineup, Josh Gad will be lending his skills to the project, taking on the role of Nathan. The actor is known for his work on shows such as "Avenue 5," and "Central Park," as well as a slew of movies, including voicing Olaf in the "Frozen" flicks. When the project was announced, Gad took to Twitter to express his eagerness to participate, writing, "I could not be more excited to be a part of this incredible project. Alex Winter is putting together a film that will truly be next-level special. Also so excited to play alongside my friends Evan Rachel Wood and Anthony Carrigan."

Evan Rachel Wood is set to play Megan. The Emmy and Golden Globe nominee has attained an assortment of career highlights on her resume, including roles like Dolores Abernathy in "Westworld," Tracy Freeland in "Thirteen," and Madonna in "Weird: The Al Yankovic Story."

Anthony Carrigan is also in the mix. The actor has been featured on DC shows like "Gotham" and "The Flash," but he is arguably best known for his Emmy-nominated efforts as Noho Hank on the hit series "Barry." He will reunite with Alex Winter on the project as the two previously worked on "Bill & Ted Face the Music." Winter, whose worthwhile acting credits include "The Lost Boys" and the "Bill & Ted" movies, is also going to be in the murder mystery, but that isn't all he's doing on "The Adults."

Who is directing The Adults?

While many certainly know Alex Winter for his contributions on camera, some people may not realize that the actor has been known to do some solid work in the director's chair. According to his IMDb page, Winter has attained over 30 directing credits since first taking on the position in 1985. He has helmed music videos for artists like Ice Cube and the Red Hot Chili Peppers and episodes of shows such as "Blue Mountain State." Regarding movies, titles like "Freaked" and "Fever" occupy his filmography, as well as the documentaries "Zappa," "Deep Web," and "The YouTube Effect." When it comes to "The Adults," Winter hasn't hesitated to make it known how he feels about being involved in the motion picture, posting on Twitter, "Very excited to be working with this stellar cast, and Rocket Science and CAA on my next film."

The enthusiasm from the director bodes well for the entire affair's success. After examining all of the clues obtained, there is enough evidence to suggest that "The Adults" has all the potential to become worthy of making the list of greatest mystery movies of all time.