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What Is The Song In Zillow's 'Compare Homes With Zillow' Commercial?

It's no secret that it doesn't matter what product or service a company offers; everything needs marketing, or it will struggle to succeed. Despite living in an age with ample opportunities to go ad-free or skip a video promo, commercials are still one of the best ways to convince consumers that whatever they're selling is the absolute best for them. 

From TurboTax's "Not Taxes" commercial to Goodyear's "Breakout" commercial, just about every product or service has been the subject of advertisements that not only contain eye-catching visuals, but also consist of a well-chosen one-song soundtrack. There is not much time to jam out during a quick promotional video, which usually means that the track choice can sometimes be a game changer regarding how effective an advert can be when presented to viewers. Whether it's an award-winning hit or an outstanding deep track, the tune that is selected above the rest should always be chosen wisely.

When it comes to Zillow, the service that helps people find the right house, they had 30 seconds to make their case in their "Night Swimming" TV spot. And their song choice is arguably excellent.

The song 'Free' by Angel Olsen is playing in the Zillow ad

In order to get people to "Compare Homes With Zillow" (via YouTube), the commercial showcases an ambitious and courageous couple sneaking into the backyards of very nice homes and jumping into some stylish swimming pools fully clothed. After hopping in and out of a few, viewers are given a glimpse of the Zillow app in action before revealing the pair sitting on a couch, looking at different pools that could end up being part of their new home.

There is no denying the idea is a clever way to ensure everyone knows there's no place like Zillow. But trespassing couples and well-crafted concepts aside, the music is also a notable highlight of the promotion. Viewers can hear Angel Olsen's track "Free" (via YouTube) playing during the ad. The song comes off of the artist's debut album "Half Way Home," which was released in 2012.

While it's not one of Olsen's more popular songs, some out there believe "Free" is one of the best tunes "Half Way Home" has to offer. "The album's best song, though, is the penultimate track 'Free.' It's on this song where she perfects the kind of suspenseful, climactic songwriting that would inform many of the most impactful songs she'd write throughout the next decade," BrooklynVegan.com wrote when reviewing the album for its tenth anniversary in 2022. Whether or not "Free" is the best track off of Olsen's first album is up for debate, but it does seem like this song was the right choice for the fun Zillow commercial.