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We've Actually Seen Chloe Marlene Actor Tania Raymonde In The NCIS Universe Before

It's not uncommon for actors to debut on a show in a small role and return later on as someone completely different. This is especially true in the world of television police procedurals. For example, CSI: Vegas Season 2 brought Lex Medlin back to the franchise as a forensics expert, despite the fact he already played a cop in two episodes of the parent series. The "NCIS" universe is also prone to recasting actors in different roles across the franchise, as documented by TV Insider

"NCIS" continued this trend for the Season 20 episode titled "Evil Eye." It features Tania Raymonde as Chloe Marlene, a former actress who's making the transition into law enforcement. She spends the episode shadowing the agents in the hope of becoming a more permanent member of the team, but finds herself thrust into the deep end of the job right away.

However, veteran "NCIS" fans might recognize Raymonde as an entirely different character from way back. With that in mind, let's take a trip down memory lane and discuss her first appearance on "NCIS."

NCIS fans might remember Tania Raymonde from Season 2

Tania Raymonde looks set to have a recurring role on "NCIS" heading into the future. Furthermore, her new character will undoubtedly overshadow her previous one as she's on the side of crimefighting this time around. But who did she play before? Per IMDb, the actress portrayed Anna Real on the Season 2 episode "An Eye for an Eye." It's currently unknown if bringing her in for eye-related episodes was intentional.

"An Eye for an Eye" follows the agents as they uncover a mystery involving a mysterious box that contains the titular body parts. Raymonde's character, meanwhile, experiences some action too, as the team must rescue her from a deranged gunman who keeps her locked up in a dark room.

It remains to be seen if Raymonde's new character will find herself in similar pickles moving forward. Still, at least Chloe Marlene has the power to take down the bad guys, and her acting skills will make her the perfect candidate for undercover jobs.