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PopCorners' Super Bowl 2023 Ad Has Breaking Bad Fans In A Tizzy

PopCorners has officially released their highly-anticipated "Breaking Bad" Super Bowl 2023 ad. The advertisement, directed by "Breaking Bad" creator Vince Gilligan makes for a compelling, chuckle-worthy reunion, which sees lead stars Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul returning as the iconic pair of drug manufactures, Walter White and Jesse Pinkman. PopCorners first began marketing their Super Bowl clip in January by releasing a teaser of Pinkman enjoying a bag of White Cheddar popcorn chips. The playful popcorn purveyors doubled down days later, debuting a small look at White and Pinkman bickering, rattling off quotes from the AMC series. White Cheddar PopCorners once again made their return, this time being munched on by White — how fitting.

Now, PopCorners has officially debuted the Super Bowl 2023 ad and it's the perfect gift for "Breaking Bad" fans (and folks who like their chips air popped, not fried). Oh, and guess what it's called? "Breaking Good." The full-length, 60-second version of the advertisement sees Jesse and Walter cooking in their RV. Instead of drugs, they're baking PopCorners.

Jesse, astounded by the chemistry teacher's ability to turn popcorn even more delicious, labels the creation "the bomb." After White says that they shouldn't eat their own supply, a nod to one of "Breaking Bad's" most pivotal quotes, Jesse suggests that they sell the popped chips. Enter Tuco Salamanca (Raymond Cruz), who falls in love with their white cheddar concoction, demanding that a seventh flavor be added to the PopCorners portfolio. Salamanca also can't help but yelp "tight, tight, tight" after his first bite.

The 30-second spot will officially air on February 12 2023 during the Super Bowl. Fans, however, have already fallen in love with the "Breaking Bad" commercial ahead of its television debut.

Fans love the Breaking Bad ad

Fans can't contain their excitement when it comes to seeing Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul back as Walter and Jesse, respectively. "This might be the greatest Ad I've ever seen," said Twitter user @1wulz. Another fan suggested that PopCorners are canonical in the "Breaking Bad" universe, while @falsumlucem shared how seeing the characters return made their heart happy. It's not surprising that the cheeky corn commercial is having a considerable effect on fans seeing as "Breaking Bad" is one of the most beloved shows of all time. "Is really cool to see these characters in any new context- even if it just for a commercial lol," wrote user Deadite on the official PopCorners YouTube upload. 

Another fan praised how the series is able to stay so relevant, despite wrapping up a decade ago. "This show is a decade and a half old and still popular enough to have a Super Bowl commercial," said YouTube user undercover. Some fans, like YouTube commenter David Kang are hoping that future PopCorners ads feature other "Breaking Bad" characters. "This is fantastic! I can't wait to see Saul, Gus, and Mike in Part 2 of this commercial for the next Super Bowl or hopefully sooner," they said. While it remains to be seen what the future has in store for the "Breaking Bad" and "PopCorners" ad universe, Paul has some thoughts on the possibility of revisiting the franchise. 

The PopCorners ad might be the last time the actors revisit Breaking Bad

Despite returning to his iconic character a decade later, Aaron Paul revealed that he didn't find the endeavour difficult. "It's just like revisiting a very familiar friend," the Jesse actor said while speaking with People. The advertisement is already a hit with fans, which shouldn't be too surprising considering the lengths Paul, Bryan Cranston, and series creator Vince Gilligan went to make the Super Bowl commercial as authentic as possible when it came to emulating the show's tone. "There was no phoning it in. We had meetings after meetings after meetings on the commercial," Cranston told the outlet.

As great as it is to see Walter and Jesse return alongside Salamanca, this might be the last time the actors revisit the "Breaking Bad" franchise. "I feel like this is sort of where we all kind of hang our hats, at least with the 'Breaking Bad' universe," Paul explained to the outlet. "And what a fun way to go out."