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Cooper Andrews Started As A Crew Member On The Walking Dead Before Being Cast As Jerry

Imagine what it must feel like to score a gig that allows you to stand on the set of one of your favorite TV shows. No matter how low your rank on the crew is, you're still one of the lucky few who gets to position yourself a mere few feet away from never-before-seen show moments, which are being played out right in front of you. For some, the only thing that would make this experience even more amazing would be if you suddenly found yourself offered a role in front of the camera, one that ends up lasting multiple seasons. For Cooper Andrews, although the experience was not as magical as the fantasy, this dream scenario actually played out.

Of course, "Walking Dead" fans know Andrews as Jerry, Ezekiel's (Khary Payton) smiley, ax-wielding steward. Despite his intimidating size, Jerry is one of the friendlier and more optimistic survivors within the living cast. And that type of personality may have been easy for Andrews, knowing that not too long before scoring the role, he stood just several steps away, behind the camera, as a member of the crew.

Cooper Andrews was a boom mic operator on The Walking Dead

Before Cooper Andrews was cast as Jerry on "The Walking Dead," he had a good number of crew member jobs under his belt, including working as a boom operator on movies such as "Scary Movie 5" and "Ride Along." Most interestingly, he was also a boom operator for the very show he's since become best-known for: "The Walking Dead."

"I was a boom op early on, second unit," Andrews explained on the "Walking Dead" panel at Florida Supercon 2022 (via Popverse). He went into more detail with, "The guy with the long stick and microphone who listens to the audio. Boom season five, season six."

As incredible as it was to jump from operating the boom mic to being a recurring cast member, Andrews revealed that he had actually auditioned for the show twice previously. However, it was during those auditions that "Walking Dead" showrunner Scott Gimple felt inspired to write him into the series. "After I saw that audition we made that character for you, the Jerry character," Gimple told Andrews at the wrap party.

Although Andrews finally did get to step in front of the camera, his nerves brought down his excitement. "I just didn't want people to think I was a butthead," he said on the show "Talking Dead." "That was my fear. I was such a fan of the show."