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Stranger Things' Charlie Heaton Was Cut Out Of A Scene For Laughing Too Much

When "Stranger Things" premiered on Netflix during the summer of 2016, the series became known for its ability to fire on multiple cylinders in terms of filmmaking and storytelling. It was a grand sci-fi epic with horror elements in addition to an homage to the 1980s in which it was set; it was also a showcase for a pool of talented young actors to establish themselves. Alongside Winona Ryder — herself, an '80s icon — and David Harbour as Joyce Byers and Sheriff Jim Hopper, young stars Millie Bobby Brown (Eleven), Finn Wolfhard (Mike Wheeler), Noah Schnapp (Will Byers), Gaten Mattarazzo (Dustin Henderson), and Caleb MacLaughlin (Lucas Sinclair) all became beloved characters.

There was also the older, teenage set of characters that made their mark including Nancy Wheeler (Natalia Dyer), Joe Keery (Steve Harrington), and Will's older brother, Jonathan Byers, played by British actor Charlie Heaton. The elder Byers kid is known for his edgy and enigmatic presence (via GQ), but unlike his eccentric character in the show, Heaton actually has a fairly overwhelming sense of humor. In fact, his incessant laughing actually led to him being cut out of a scene in the second season after angering the show's creators and some of his co-stars.

Finn Wolfhard says Heaton couldn't control his chuckling in a Season 2 scene

While responding to online fan questions with GQ, Finn Wolfhard replied to one query that asked him to list some fun facts about the series. He pointed out that his co-star Charlie Heaton had a laughing fit back in Season 2 that was infectious but eventually odd and annoying to some people on set. Wolfhard shared, "There was a scene in Season 2 where everyone is together again at the Byers' house." He then shares how Joe Keery, who plays Steve, plays it straight and says his line, which is "the Germans."

The actor then revealed how Heaton would "crack up" every time he heard Keery say this line which also needed to be a "one take" shot. After laughing incessantly each time his co-star said his line, all the other actors in the scene, including David Harbour, as well as The Duffer Brothers, all got angry at him. Wolfhard added how Harbour and the creators said, "You know what, Charlie's just not in the scene," as Heaton could not get his giggle fit under control.

Eventually, Wolfhard concluded by pointing out how viewers can notice how the camera cuts away from Jonathan a lot in that particular scene, which occurs in "Chapter Eight: The Mindflayer" (per IMDb). Even though Jonathan rarely ever laughs, it's good to know the actor that plays him embraces his sense of humor, even if it's an on-set nuisance.