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Bryan Cranston Says The Meth On Breaking Bad Was Delicious

Now, before you just read the headline and think Bryan Cranston did drugs on the set of "Breaking Bad," that is not the case. For obvious legal reasons, TV sets do not use real drugs as props, instead using substitutes that look like the real thing to audiences. For example, herbal tobacco is often used as a substitute for marijuana.

However, even though the drugs are fake, there's no doubt that the production doesn't want the actors actually consuming them off camera, as they are still, after all, props. However, Cranston recently revealed that he and co-star Aaron Paul took a page from their characters' books and broke that rule to get a taste of that sweet blue crystal that's the source of so much drama, pain, and money within the story of "Breaking Bad."

According to Cranston's account of the incident, it sounds as though their decision to partake was far from rash, and the substance used to mimic the distinctive blue meth on "Breaking Bad" played a big role in their decision-making.

Aaron Paul convinced Bryan Cranston to try some of the crystal meth substitute

During an interview with Hot Ones, Bryan Cranston was asked about the substitute "Breaking Bad" used for Walter White's distinctive blue meth that appears so frequently on the show. Cranston revealed that the meth substitute was cotton candy flavored rock candy, and that, through coercion from Aaron Paul, he did partake in the forbidden "drug."

As Cranston tells the story, he never tried his own product until one night when they had been filming for 16 to 17 hours in Gus Fring's (Giancarlo Esposito) underground lab. "And I see Aaron Paul reach into our product," Cranston said, "and starts throwing the methamphetamine in his mouth." Apparently, Paul was getting tired, so he started eating some of the rock candy to get a sugar high off of it. He then urged Cranston to try some of it, to which, in character for the professional Walter White, he refused.

Eventually, however, Paul successfully peer-pressured Cranston into trying the candy. When he did, Cranston reported that he found that the fake crystal meth tasted pretty good! At one point, the camera started rolling, which caught both actors blue-handed.