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Chicago Fire's Taylor Kinney Had A Celebrity Crush On Another Chicago Based TV Character

Until taking a break from "Chicago Fire" recently for "personal" reasons (per Deadline), Taylor Kinney's Lt. Kelly Severide had been dowsing blazes, saving victims, and keeping Chi-Hards glued to their screens since the show premiered on NBC back in 2012 (via IMDb). As the uber-skilled, highly-respected leader of Rescue Truck 3 on this One Chicago hit, Severide raced into burning structures, leaped from exploding buildings, plunged into freezing waters, and generally set the gold standard for pulse-pounding heroics on a series where that's no minor feat.

With over 200 episodes on the show, eleven outings on the sister show "Chicago P.D." and ten episodes on "Chicago Med," Kinney's exploits turned the actor into a genuine fan favorite. But in addition to his macho-fueled action-star persona, Severide also plays a significant role in the romantic element that figures so prominently in the formula of all the One Chicago series. So, as a character known to have experienced more than a few romantic interludes on "Chicago Fire," what celebrity did Taylor Kinney admit to once crushing on IRL?

Taylor Kinney had a serious crush on Peggy from Married...with Children

As hinted above, on "Chicago Fire," Lt. Severide was an active participant in the show's soapy dating and hook-up storylines, at least until he settles down to marry a firefighting colleague Stella Kidd (Miranda Rae Mayo), in the Season 10 finale. But it was Taylor Kinney's real-world affections being queried during a Q&A session with former "Chicago Fire" co-stars Jesse Spencer and Monica Raymond, who played Captain Matt Casey and paramedic/firefighter Gabby Dawson, respectively. As seen in this YouTube clip of the session posted by TV Guide, Kinney was asked by Spencer who his first celebrity crush was. Kinney instantly responded: "Peggy Bundy!" causing his fellow actors to crack up laughing. The Peggy Bundy in question is the long-suffering wife that Katey Sagal played on the hit '90 sitcom "Married...with Children." And, according to Married...with Children Fandom, the Bundy house on the show is, in fact, located in Chicago.

Once the laughter about Kinney's crush died down, the actor then questioned what was one of the sitcom's longest-running gags, the dogged, resigned reluctance of dad Al Bundy (Ed O'Neill) to "go upstairs" with his wife, Peggy. "I never understood why Al didn't want to sleep with [Peggy]," Kinney said, "because I always did."