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Bloopers That Make Us Love Steve Carell Even More

Time and again, Steve Carell has proven to be one of the greatest comedic actors of his generation. From classics like "The Office" to "40-Year-Old Virgin" and "Anchorman," his type of humor appeals to a wide range of people. Most people know and respect Carell for his natural ability to spark laughter, but he also seems like a genuinely nice, relatable guy. 

Interviews and press events that the actor has given provide glimpses of his genuinely caring personality, yet it is most apparent from the lovable bloopers that come out of his TV shows and movies. The pure moments caught on camera are both hilarious and prove that he has to be great to work with on set. It should be no surprise that there are numerous amazing Carell outtakes available. While all of them are fun to watch, the following stand out for being particularly goofy and endearing.

Brick and Chani losing it

In "Anchorman 2," love is in the air when Brick Tamland (Carell) and Chani Lastnamé (Kristen Wiig) meet for the first time and slowly begin to realize that their quirky personalities might be the perfect match. As expected, the scene is ridiculous, full of absurd compliments like "Your hair looks like wet popcorn" and "I like the place between your head and your body." It is totally understandable that, behind the scenes, Steve Carell and Kristen Wiig could not keep it together.

As the outrageous dialogue extends with lines that, unfortunately, did not make the final cut, the blooper first shows Carell making Wiig break character when he answers that his favorite food is "peeled" (via YouTube). This then sets off a chain reaction where neither actor is able to keep a straight face, instead bursting out into laughter at each silly statement. Their interaction shows how much fun it must be to work with both comedians on set.

Carell failing to hold it together

When Pam Beesly (Jenna Fischer) goes into labor in "The Delivery," an episode from the hilariously chaotic sixth season of "The Office," Michael Scott (Carell) somehow manages to calm the situation enough to convince her to leave for the hospital. Outtakes show that, in another scenario, Jim Halpert (John Krasinski) loses his cool because Michael waits too long to give him a heads-up about Pam's increasing contractions. Michael is then supposed to pull Jim aside and tensely say that he's "gotta hold it together right now." 

Instead, Steve Carell barely gets the line out before he starts cracking up, probably because John Krasinski can't stop smiling as well (via YouTube). After everyone starts laughing, the cast has another go at the scene with basically the same results. The whole moment is a prime example of how difficult it must have been for the other actors to stay in character while experiencing Carell's portrayal of Michael firsthand.

Jim Carrey making an impression

When comedic legends film scenes together, it must be difficult to stay in character with all the funny dialogue. Luckily, bloopers allow us to see many of these hysterical, unscripted moments play out, as was the case when Steve Carell was making "The Incredible Burt Wonderstone" with Jim Carrey.

In Carell's defense, everyone seems to struggle to keep it together as Carrey delivers his comical lines while playing the magician Steve Gray, an over-the-top send-up of the self-serious Criss Angel (via YouTube). Steve Buscemi loses it first, followed by James Gandolfini. The best part about the way Carell breaks character is that he tries so hard to keep the scene going to no avail, making the whole outtake even funnier.

Enjoying Michael Scott's tiny TV

During the fourth season of "The Office," Pam and Jim reluctantly accept Michael's invitation to come over while he is living with his controversial girlfriend, Jan Levinson (Melora Hardin), in the episode "Dinner Party." As if the toxic relationship of the hosts was not awkward enough, the situation quickly becomes even more uncomfortable as guests get a more intimate view of Michael and Jan's life in the home during a full tour.

In one of the funniest moments, Michael proudly shows off his tiny plasma TV. It's so small that he literally has to stand next to it in order to watch. While Pam and Jim are able to watch this with straight faces in the show, that was not the case for the actors behind the scenes, to say the least. Bloopers show that it took more than a few takes to get the scene right because none of them could stop breaking out into chuckles. Steve Carell makes more than one attempt to power through it and seems a little annoyed, which makes it all better to watch since he then keeps laughing while trying to be serious (via YouTube).

Breaking out into song

When Michael Scott and Jan Levinson take a prospective client to Chili's, the Scranton branch manager of "The Office" proves that despite his quirky personality, he still has his salesman instincts. In the second season episode "The Client," Michael tells jokes and stories with Christian (Tim Meadows), who represents the county government. Much to Jan's surprise, the two completely hit it off. Over the course of dinner and drinks afterward, Michael gradually connects with him on a personal level and secures the lucrative deal for Dunder Mifflin.

While Michael and Christian had fun onscreen during the episode, it seems like from the outtakes that the actors may have had an even better time than their characters as they filmed the scenes. Bloopers show several takes of Steven Carell serenading his fellow actors with the popular restaurant theme song because he repeatedly makes them all laugh, even himself (via YouTube). The interactions give viewers a brief glimpse of Carell's impressive singing talent as well. 

Failing to keep up the onscreen illusion

In "Date Night," hilarity ensues as Phil (Carell) and Claire (Tina Fey) Foster's chaotic evening leads them into an unbelievable car chase to get away from assailants pursuing them with guns. At the onset of the wacky scenario, Phil accidentally smashes his Audi into a taxicab, which locks the two vehicles together. To get out of this predicament, Phil makes the insane move of crawling across the hoods of both cars as they are still in motion and getting behind the wheel to coordinate with his wife driving the Audi. The crazy plan works, and the couple manages to escape.

Unsurprisingly, the entire fantastical scene was not nearly as dangerous in reality as it was all filmed on set using green screens. Yet, based on the bloopers, it's clear that Steve Carell struggled a bit with the scene; for example, he wouldn't shift his body in the right direction as his car was supposed to be making sharp turns. The outtakes are amusing for this reason, but get even better when a stage crew member reaches into the vehicle to fix the actor's hair (via YouTube). Carrell cannot help but comment on the strange arm entering through the window, which creates a situation behind the scenes that is just about as silly as what viewers later see in the movie.

Saying some seriously raunchy lines

A character infamous for deploying the phrase "that's what she said" at the worst, most cringe-worthy times, Michael Scott was full of inappropriate dialogue throughout the long run of "The Office." The resulting awkwardness is a major reason why he was so funny. However, one blooper provides an instance where Michael's line is so dirty that Steve Carell could not even finish it before cracking up and feeling the need to apologize.

In the "Ben Franklin" episode of Season 3, Michael hilariously hires an impersonator of the historical figure instead of a stripper for Phyllis' wedding shower. While introducing the odd entertainment for the occasion, Michael makes a rather tame joke connecting history buff with buff naked. However, a blooper reveals that another line was considered that was much worse. In the outtake, Carell tells the women "to get prepared to get wet because..." and then has to stop abruptly because the entire room erupts into laughter (via YouTube). The actor is visibly embarrassed for what just came out of his mouth too, making the moment even funnier.

Doing his own stunts

As if there was any doubt of this in the first place, the bloopers from the action/comedy "Get Smart" cement the fact that Steve Carell should always stick with the comedic side of things. In the climactic finale, Maxwell Smart (Carell) commits the heroic act of saving Agent 99 (Anne Hathaway) from the evil clutches of the traitor Agent 23 (Dwayne Johnson). To do so, Smart swings from a flying helicopter to the SUV barreling down the highway and manages to free his partner within. The exciting sequence ends with the two escaping their much larger foe.

Smart is able to pull off such a courageous feat, but an outtake shows that Carell would not have even come close to achieving the same thing. In a behind-the-scenes moment that would make Tom Cruise roll his eyes, the comedian slowly descends on wires, but is unable to get himself through the car door (via YouTube). In playful frustration, Carell then shakes on the side of the fake vehicle, saying they should try again amid laughter. It makes you wonder how many takes it took for such a seemingly simple stunt.

Struggling to film in a moving vehicle

In "Employee Transfer," all sorts of feelings are sparked as Michael Scott and Holly Flax (Amy Ryan) struggle to handle the reality of her move across the country. The depressing fifth season episode shows how the couple clearly still deeply cares about each other but realizes that a relationship at such a long distance will simply not work out. The breakup is understandably difficult for "The Office" characters on screen, and it looks like it may have been challenging for the actors to film as well.

Much of the episode focuses on Steve Carell, Amy Ryan, and Craig Robinson (who plays Darryl Philbin) traveling in the moving truck together with several funny and heartwarming moments. However, not all of the comedic scenes play out as planned, as one outtake reveals. In one bit, Robinson turns the truck too fast as a way to prevent the other two from watching annoying videos online (via YouTube). Yet, the laptop continues to slide across the dashboard and nearly gets destroyed from ramming into the window frame. Instead of getting angry, Carrell and his costars just laugh it off, easing some of the tension from the emotional episode.

Having fun playing Brick Tamland

Steve Carell has had a lot of iconic film roles throughout his career, but a top contender for the silliest of them all is Brick Tamland from the "Anchorman" films. The character is such an entertaining mix of strangeness, unpredictability, and stupidity that it's difficult not to laugh at all the bizarre comments he makes.

From behind-the-scenes glimpses of filming the movies, it is clear that Carell tries to be as spontaneous as possible and has a blast doing so. After Brick's fake funeral in the sequel where everyone has to convince him that he is not dead, the crew all enjoy reminiscing over beers in an RV, but a blooper shows that the antics continued in the cemetery first. In the cut scene, Carell takes a sip of beer and then awkwardly spits the beverage out onto the ground, which seems improvised given Paul Rudd's surprised reaction (via YouTube). However, the weird act was too much for Carell, who could not keep a straight face and immediately began to chuckle. It must be hard to play Brick at times, but he certainly has a great time doing it.

Having a wardrobe malfunction

Of course, when Michael Scott confidently ventures off to establish his own paper company in "The Office," he feels the need to make a statement by blasting Lady Gaga on the stereo of his PT Cruiser convertible. The opening scene of the fifth season episode "Two Weeks" then hilariously shows him struggle to park and end up in a ridiculously tight spot, forcing him awkwardly crawl out the back of the vehicle.

The scene cuts right as it looks like Carell might fall, but in reality, one of the outtakes was almost as bad for him. At first, it looks like the actor has done a better job of climbing out the back than what ended up in the episode — that is until the seat of his pants gets caught and he cannot get himself free (via YouTube). For a while, he tries to stay in character, but then amusingly curses under his breath in frustration. The funny moment gets even better once he finally gets down and comments that he will need a new pair of pants.

Trying hard to stay in character

One of the major reasons why Steve Carell's outtakes are so great is that even when things go wrong and he seems a bit frustrated or annoyed, it always looks like he is having fun on set. For instance, in a moment that did not make the final cut of "Get Smart," Smart is supposed to hop on a scooter driven by Agent 99 so the two can follow a lead in their investigation. However, a peek behind the scenes shows that did not go as planned.

In a bit of comical miscommunication, Carell thought that Anne Hathaway would stop the vehicle, or at least slow down a little more for him to get on, but she does not (via YouTube). Even though he does eventually manage to awkwardly climb onto the scooter, seeing the actor panic in a rather calm way is quite comical. It then ends up being a cute moment between the two as Hathaway cannot help but break out in laughter.

Gently ribbing his castmates

The interactions between Michael Scoot and Pam Beesly are some of the best moments of "The Office," and from the bloopers, both Steve Carell and Jenna Fischer definitely enjoyed filming the scenes. One of these particular outtakes highlights how much fun the two have with each other as they try to get the scenes right. Plus, it serves as another prime example of the great time the cast and crew of the series must have had off-camera.

The blooper begins with Carell asking Fischer if there are any muffins with a very serious expression on his face, so she looks up at him, and the two lock eyes for an uncomfortably long time before she replies, "Yeah" (via YouTube). Carell then breaks character a bit and says playfully, "Take a longer pause before you answer, Pam." The statement causes Fischer to crack up though, which brings a smile to Carell's face.

Acting out absurdity

"The 40-Year-Old Virgin" is chock-full of ridiculous, yet hysterical dialogue, so it's entertaining to see that some of the lines made Steve Carell laugh just as hard as he would later make audiences. As his character seeks a solution to his unending erection by speaking to a customer service representative, the actor was able to keep it together at first despite the absurd conversation, but blooper footage shows that did not last long at all.

When the man on the other end of the phone advises him not to trespass in a public pool at 2 a.m. with an erection, Carell understandably loses it (via YouTube). In his defense, the actor is not the only one laughing, as several other members of the cast and crew can be heard off-camera cracking up as well.