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Every TV Series James Gunn And Peter Safran Announced For Their DC Universe Reboot

As made clear by the brave and bold choices James Gunn and Peter Safran have made for their theatrical schedule over the next few years, the new DC Universe will be a wild and unconventional place. Furthermore, they've also made it clear that no screen, big or small, is safe from their franchise-shaking plans. Going forward, the new DC heads will apply the Feige Formula of a single cinematic universe that stretches across both film and TV properties, and now, we finally know what shows are ahead.

As revealed by Jenna Busch of /Film, the new DC television slate is in. And while the film side will see Batman will turn into Batdad and Superman switch to good old-fashioned hero mode, there will be a lot kicking off elsewhere in the smaller sections of the DCU that we'll be revisiting weekly. From long-gestating shows finally getting the (ahem) "green" light to another hero going Gold in a way we never anticipated, here's every single TV show arriving on HBO Max in the near-ish future.

'Lanterns' will see space cops on the case

The first show on your new DC watchlist is one you already expected, though the exact shape and form of it may come as a surprise.

Back in October, it was revealed that the long-gestating Green Lanterns series was being reworked to feature the iconic John Stewart as the lead. Now, Gunn has set the record straight, revealing that John Stewart will be charging up his ring alongside the greatest Green Lantern of all, Hal Jordan. Furthmore, the series in question may not be the massive sci-fi opus that fans expected — instead, it will be a presumably more grounded show titled "Lanterns."

"Lanterns" will focus on an Earth-based mystery that gets investigated by the two aforementioned space cops. Evidently, the inspiration here will be "True Detective," and while we don't anticipate Jordan spouting wild theories of time being a flat circle, this is an interesting take that will definitely be a far-cry from the Ryan Reynolds movie. In general, the differences between Jordan and Stewart's personalities promises a lot of juicy conflict, with Stewart likely to be the more by-the-book figure while Jordan is a loose cannon. Really, this could be "Lethal Weapon" but with aliens, and that's a pretty grand hook.

FaceTime is up. Waller is getting her own show

Amanda Waller might have turned up everywhere from "Peacemaker" to that "Black Adam" post-credits scene that means absolutely nothing (sorry, folks), but until now, she hasn't gotten enough opportunities to prove herself as the imposing threat that fans know her to be. Well, that's about to change.

"Waller" will finally bring the DC Universe's professional string-puller into the starring role. Undoubtedly still a bit miffed to have been double-crossed by her own staff (well, that's her thing, right?) following the events of "The Suicide Squad," the new standalone story in "Waller" is set between the first and second season of "Peacemaker," and already has an impressive dynamic duo working on the plot: script duties are being handled by Krystal Henry, who worked on HBO's "Watchmen" along with Jeremy Carver, who created the recently (pardon us while we curse the heavens) cancelled "Doom Patrol."

Given that this is an Amanda Waller story, it's only fitting that all other details are classified. However, we can assume that we'll probably see her on-screen daughter — and Peacemaker's best buddy — Leota Adebayo (Danielle Bros) somewhere in the mix.

It's time to shine for Booster Gold

DC fans have badly wanted to see Booster Gold get his own spotlight for a long time, and it seems that Gunn and Safran were listening. 

It's not a surprise, per se, that it's taken so long for Booster to seize the limelight. In a world of Kryptonians, Dark Knights, and ring-slinging lawmen, Booster Gold is an absolute sham — but that's exactly why fans love him, and this will be the focus of his brand-new show when it arrives.

"Booster Gold" will see a wannabe hero from the year 24442 who has a hard time being taken seriously. So, what does he do? He nabs some highly advanced future technology, time travels to the 21st century, and makes himself out to be a big deal superhero. Just think of it as the long con, in comics form, or if "Quantum Leap" happened with a scam artist. 

While talks with an unnamed actor are confirmed, no names have been mentioned. Whoever it is, it'll be great to see the character clumsily rubbing shoulders with the true heroes of the world, dropping buckets of sweat as he worries long he'll be able to keep the lie going. 

Creature Commandos are reporting for duty

"Creature Commandos" will be the DCU's first animated series, and it could end up being one of their most exciting entries. The monster squad first appeared in 1980's "Weird War Tales" (via Fandom), as a sort of WWII Suicide Squad comprised of a vampire, a werewolf, and — of course — a Frankenstein's monster. Gunn's take on this series will see Rick Flagg Sr. (father of Joel Kinnaman's character from "The Suicide Squad") leading a team of motley monsters comprised of Nina Mazursky (an amphibian woman), Doctor Phosphorous (the character who inspired Blight from "Batman Beyond"), Frankenstein's monster, the Bride of Frankenstein, G.I. Robot, and — would you believe it — "The Suicide Squad" legend Weasel.

While we anticipate an animation more akin to the bone-snapping violence action of "Invincible," given the characters involved, it's fascinating to see such a niche DC property entering this new DC Universe at the ground level, to say nothing of how Gunn and Safran will be breaking new ground by introducing a whole team in animation before they presumably move to live-action somewhere down the line.

Themyscira finds a home in Paradise Lost

Like the political intrigue, backstabbing, and actual backs getting stabbed of "Game of Thrones," right? Well, so does James Gunn, as he's given the go-ahead to take us to the homeland of Wonder Woman before she became such a wonder herself, for a series described as being full of drama and intrigue.

"Paradise Lost" is the final show on DC's docket, and like "House of the Dragon," "Paradise Lost" will punt us back to the earliest years of Themyscira and answer the essential matters that we all want to know about how this island came to me, presumably with a nice heaping dose of Greek mythology. To be clear, don't expect this to be a "young Wonder Woman" show, because one of the key details we know is that it will take place before Diana's birth. As far as casting goes, Connie Nielsen and Robin Wright were a formidable pair of role models for Diana as Hippolyta and Antiope, so it'd be nice to see their reign continue — but we'll probably have to wait on getting any answers, in that regard. 

Whatever happens, there's no doubt that the Seven Kingdoms of George R. R. Martin are about to have some compelling competition as far as mythical and manipulative lands go. Watch the throne, folks.