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In Darkness: See Trailer For Horror Film Starring And Written By Natalie Dormer

Horror movies are always best seen in darkness.

A first trailer has been released for In Darkness, a new thriller movie starring a pair of Game of Thrones alums, and you can check out the first-look footage for yourself up above.

Natalie Dormer stars in the moody thriller as Sofia, a professional pianist who navigates the world as a blind woman. When she overhears the murder of her neighbor Veronique, she is drawn into the sinister web of Veronique's father, a war criminal now living under-the-radar and protected by political asylum. 

Motivated to both expose the truth of her neighbor's death and make it out alive, Sofia must risk everything to get to the bottom of the sordid conspiracy, using all her senses to make sense of the criminal plot.

As a film project, In Darkness isn't just a star vehicle for Dormer — she also co-wrote the movie, penning the script along with writer-director Anthony Byrne, whose previous credits include directing episodes for Ripper Street, The Last Kingdom, and Silent Witness. The couple are also longtime romantic partners.

In addition to serving as a professional writing debut for Dormer, In Darkness also serves as something of a small-scale Game of Thrones reunion, reuniting Dormer's Margaery Tyrell with Ed Skrein, who played the first Daario Naharis on the series before the role was recast. 

(Actually, considering the sprawling, multi-continental nature of the Game of Thrones production, it's perhaps more accurate to say the movie will finally put the technical co-stars in the same room together — or on the same continent, at least.)

In addition to Dormer and Skrein, In Darkness also stars Emily Ratajkowski from Gone Girl, Jan Bijvoet from Peaky Blinders, and Joely Richardson from The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

In Darkness will be released in the United States on May 25.