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Law & Order: SVU Fans Want Detective Bruno To Stay For Good

"Law & Order: SVU" has been on for a very long time. On account of this fact, the exceptionally popular show has time to weave in new characters, develop long-running plots, and even feature plenty of guest appearances involving thugs, villains, and other special agents on loan from other law enforcement programs. Detective Terry Bruno (Kevin Kane) is an example of the latter, and whereas the normal crew of "Law & Order: SVU" hail from Manhattan, Detective Bruno is from the Bronx.

Popping up in several episodes of Season 24, Detective Bruno works with Captain Oliva Benson (Mariska Hargitay) and Sergeant Fin Tutuola (Ice-T) after the former's family is attacked by members of the BX9 gang. The BX9 gang is absolutely ruthless and has no qualms about attacking family members or perpetrating heinous assaults, and they are led by Oscar Papa (Goya Robles). Luckily, the crew of "SVU" is able to apprehend Oscar, though the most recent episode of "Blood Out" definitely throws some curveballs at Benson, Fin, and Bruno. Though most of Episode 12 focuses on the trial of Oscar Papa, there is another subplot that involves Fin and Bruno, and it seems like Bruno's work ethic and demeanor have not only been a big hit with Fin but for audiences as well.

Fans on Reddit would love if Detective Bruno would stick around

While the major issue surrounding "Blood Out" is Benson dealing with Oscar Papa and BX9, as this is happening, both Fin and Bruno end up investigating a separate occurrence involving a serial assaulter. This particular story begins after Fin and Bruno are sharing some drinks where Fin speculates on how much money Bruno has left, since Bruno has recently come across a tremendous sum of money. As they leave the bar, they are stopped by a garbage truck where a worker claims to have heard somebody. It is revealed that the sound came from the victim of an assault, which Bruno and Fin investigate with compassion and skill. Their efforts quickly yield results, which impresses Fin and causes him to ask Benson if she would consider Bruno joining their squad, though she doesn't directly answer Fin's request. Hopefully, she does, because fans certainly want more Bruno on their screens.

On Reddit, several fans of "Law & Order: SVU" gathered to discuss this most recent episode, and of course, the conversation eventually landed on Detective Bruno. u/blondemermaid1987 started the conversation by writing, "I'd love it if Bruno came to Manhattan SVU permanently." This statement caused u/bayalyboo to reply, "Hard agree on that. He's such a wholesome character." u/pickyvegan had their own theories as to the future of Bruno, and said, "With the set-up they did today about Velasco, I wouldn't be surprised if he weren't leaving soon and Bruno replacing him."

Wolf Entertainment is fueling the Bruno hype train on Twitter

The denizens of Twitter also felt the same way about Detective Bruno after watching "Blood Out." @snsofwritewrong tweeted that they feel like Bruno can stick around for as long as he likes, and expressed the thought that Bruno is relatively easy on the eyes. @HillRUN86 was also a big fan of this most recent episode and jokingly asked if Bruno can stay because they absolutely adore the character, which was echoed by a similar statement from @MJCarney1. Even the official account for Wolf Entertainment got it on the fun and asked if they should "talk about Bruno," which is a reference to that famous earwig from Disney's "Encanto."

With this invitation, several fans of "Law & Order: SVU" like @eIIiotandolivia, @twicethecrumbs, @TX_Fan_4_BL, and many others made comments about how they love the character. One thing is for certain though, and that is that it appears as if many "SVU" fans truly hope that Bruno becomes a full-time cast member. Perhaps fans love how Bruno approaches his police work or his interactions and conversations with Fin. Hopefully, NBC is already one step ahead of the fan buzz, and the groundwork is being laid for Bruno to join the squad.