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The Rookie Fans Couldn't Take Their Eyes Off Celina In Season 5 Episode 13

"The Rookie" began with following LAPD rookie John Nolan (Nathan Fillion). He was the oldest rookie ever to join that particular force, but over the seasons, he's gone from a newbie to a seasoned professional. It's only natural that as the years have gone on, he's taken some other rookies under his wing to show them the ropes, and with Season 5, he's training Celina Juarez (Lisseth Chavez).

Her personality can best be described as enthusiastic, and over her first few weeks on the show, some fans weren't necessarily fond of her. It wasn't necessarily that she was a bad character, but she didn't seem to quite fit in with the rest of the established cast. Coming into a show a few seasons into its run can be tough, and sometimes, all a character needs is one good episode to show viewers why they're worth keeping around. 

It would seem that's finally happened with Season 5's "Daddy Cop." Finally, Celina gets a chance to shine, and fans have taken to social media to talk about how much they're finally enjoying having her around.

Fans saw more of Celina's backstory in the most recent Rookie episode

"Daddy Cop" puts Celina front and center in the action and helps bring a new depth to her that wasn't there earlier in the season. For starters, Wade Grey (Richard T. Jones) partners up with Celina to see how she does out in the field. One of the things he notices is that Celina has a hard time asking for help, and she needs to become better aware of her shortcomings so that she can work on them. The episode also saw some interactions between her and Tim (Eric Winter) that were highlights as well. 

Fans really seem to have come around on Celina, with many taking to social media to talk about how she's finally becoming a well-rounded character. One such viewer was Twitter user @fangirlleee31, who wrote, "Call me crazy, but I liked learning more about Celina. Sometimes her character seems silly, so seeing her save that sweet girl and show a tougher side made me happy. I hope we get more of that side." Despite initially coming across as too one-dimensional, Celina's finally breaking out, as @eg1879 points out, "i loved the focus on celina and getting to see the whole group's dynamic when they're off the clock."

Celina has an intriguing backstory and could really become a standout character on "The Rookie." Hopefully, she gets more episodes like "Daddy Cop" to help flesh her out.