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What Josh Radnor Liked Most About The Team Dynamic In Hunters Season 2

Revenge carries a steep price, as evidenced by "Hunters." The Amazon drama series looks at a team of '70s Nazi hunters intent on justice. Early episodes introduced these members from the viewpoint of the newest recruit, Jonah Heidelbaum (Logan Lerman); this young inductee quickly learns that nothing is what it seems and everyone has something to hide. Its season finale changed the dynamics even further, leaving Jonah unsure of who to trust.

The show's distinctive style presents a violent and often unrelenting world for the lead characters, a choice that caught the attention of many critics. "The assertion allows for a fanciful level of wish fulfillment and a compelling action narrative," wrote IndieWire's Ben Travers.

Something else that seemed to garner interest was the characters and the actors behind the pivotal roles. A constant across the series' two seasons is Lonny Flash — becoming a part of the group after seeing a less-than-perfect run in the entertainment industry. Josh Radnor maintains a very different career trajectory than his character. Over the course of two decades, he's starred in various projects, but his most notable performance was in the series "How I Met Your Mother." While it may be very different genres, working with a group dynamic on "HIMYM" and his current Prime Video series gives the actor added perspective. He's offering insight into what makes the team work on the second season of "Hunters."

Radnor relished the team dynamic for his character

Lonny Flash may have joined the team as the most famous trainee Nazi hunter, but the character was just another member when various missions played out. For Josh Radnor, the critical point lies in his place in the group. Their reaction to his time as a movie star isn't something positive, telling Collider, "... the hunters do not care about that, at all. In fact, it's a ding against him that he's a movie star." Radnor also thinks their opinion comes from Flash's obnoxious and self-absorbed personality, displayed throughout both seasons.

The character's change from portraying action heroes to taking down Nazis enforces the team's impact on his altered persona. Radnor added that Flash being in the company of these unique people helps the transition; while he'll never be on the level of others, it seems like the fictional actor is learning along the way. The man who portrays this '70s genre star thinks this camaraderie means even more to his character as each challenge is added to the story. "He is limited, but he's in the thick of it with the role of a lifetime, and he loves it."

The on-screen bonding translated to the actors themselves

The Season 2 shoot in Prague gave the cast and crew even more time to bond; combining the outstanding performers and the European setting made Josh Radnor especially happy. "It's great when you get a job that you're thrilled to have, but a bonus is, I love everyone I'm working with, and they're flying us to Europe to shoot," he told Moviefone.

Radnor's not alone in his praise for this cast. Co-star Logan Lerman echoed much of what the Lonny Flash actor said about working together. "I love them as people, my teammates, my friends, and my family now," he said during the MovieFone interview. And while Lerman did recently lament the lack of screen time he got to spend with his talented co-star Al Pacino this season in a recent Esquire interview, the cast does seem to be full of respect and admiration.