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The Big Bang Theory Fans Found A Typo That Sheldon Would Take Issue With

Even viewers largely unfamiliar with once long-running CBS sitcom "The Big Bang Theory" likely have some conception of lead character Sheldon Cooper (Jim Parsons)'s disposition. In essence, Sheldon is logical to the extent that his predilection for cold logic often overtakes all else. So effectively does he portray his "Big Bang Theory" character that Parsons has accepted being typecast post-Sheldon, holding no ill will against those who may forever associate his face with that of the sitcom lead he once portrayed.

While virtually every work of film inevitably contains a continuity error or three, such instances are perhaps more notable in "The Big Bang Theory" if only because it's easy to imagine Sheldon himself taking particular issue with them. For example, among some of the biggest onscreen mistakes in "The Big Bang Theory" is a scene where what is most likely a writing error has Sheldon seemingly refer to the day following a Wednesday as a Saturday. One "Big Bang Theory" error that bothered "Young Sheldon" fans specifically saw the Sheldon of the former series contradict his life story as presented in the latter show.

Similarly, one fan discovered a typo in a "Big Bang Theory" episode that kicked off discussion of just how Sheldon would have reacted had he become privy to this particular misspelled word in his midst.

Fans theorize how Sheldon would have reacted to a misspelled word

On the "Big Bang Theory" subreddit, one fan started a thread drawing attention to a screenshot in which a sign behind Sheldon on the outside of a college engineering lab reads "resticted area," rather than "restricted area." In response, a number of fans shared how they think Sheldon would have reacted had he noticed this blatant typo.

"Sheldon would never even enter this lab if it has a typo. And obviously he would make the university correct it," replied user baker1310, earning the most upvotes of any comment in the thread.

Meanwhile, user maifee suggested that the ever-logical Sheldon would justify entering such a room, given that the sign doesn't technically forbid him from entering on account of its attempt at doing so technically amounting to nonsense. Furthermore, user Turbulent-Essay-9438 felt that Sheldon would have cited the misspelling as evidence that those working in the lab might not have a keen eye for detail, and may therefore work unsafely.

In an NPR interview, Jim Parsons explained that his own shy disposition helped him connect with Sheldon's character and his lack of social decorum. While sometimes, as Parsons describes, Sheldon's strong personality can result in rude behavior, it's also continuing to inspire impassioned discussion among "Big Bang Theory" fans, including in this Reddit thread about how he might react to the engineering lab typo.