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Some Fans Of American Pickers Question The Show's (And Mike's) Authenticity

If "Pawn Stars" or "Ancient Aliens" isn't the first title that springs to mind when you think of History, then odds are you're thinking of "American Pickers." For well over a decade, the series has educated viewers on all kinds of trinkets and treasures from years gone by, while letting them know the kind of those pieces could bring. Average folks with stuff to get rid of supply such goods, while the program's team of experts dig through their mountains of stuff and take the best pieces for the Antique Archaeology store.

In the years since "American Pickers" premiered, a handful of names have taken on the task of bringing the show to life week after week. The most famous lineup to come out of its run consisted of Mike Wolfe, Frank Fritz, and Danielle Colby. However, in 2021, it was announced that Fritz would no longer appear on "American Pickers." Fritz's departure prompted Mike's brother, Robbie Wolfe, to step up to the plate in his absence. 

As if his introduction hasn't proven controversial enough, it seems Mike is now in hot water with some fans. In fact, some fans have even begun to question Mike Wolfe's authenticity, as well as the authenticity of "American Pickers" at large.

Some fans don't buy American Pickers and Mike Wolfe for a second

While "American Pickers" gives online communities like Reddit plenty to discuss based on the content of each episode alone, there are also many other conversations about the series going on. In fact, some people question the validity of the show, and others like it, in addition to Mike Wolfe's credentials. For example, in a thread by user u/mediaesteem, a few commenters highlighted the sheer convenience that in every single episode, they seem to find a pricey artifact just laying around. As for another thread by u/Ares_Ark, a handful of commenters shared some less-than-glowing assessments of Wolfe, with one Redditor even accusing him of attempting to scam a seller.

Sadly for Wolfe and the "American Pickers" team, these harsh words aren't limited to Reddit. On Twitter, fans have also voiced their dislike for the series, especially in the wake of Frank Fritz's departure. "No one cares anymore, [the] show's a flop without Frank," wrote @Tha1ChrisReader. Meanwhile, @MA4NV5 even claimed that Fritz's farewell caused the show to lose its audience. Despite these biting comments from all corners of the internet, "American Pickers" still seems to be going strong, with Season 24 kicking off in early 2023.

Regardless of how some fans feel about Fritz's goodbye, Wolfe, and the true nature of its format, "American Pickers" remains a History fixture. As long as folks tune in, it stands to reason that won't change.