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What Is The Song In The Pizza Hut Melts Commercial?

The mere mention of pizza should immediately invoke visages of melted cheese, crisped-to-perfection crust, and whatever assortment of toppings one holds dear in their heart. According to Slice Life, there are some truly interesting facts surrounding the consumption of pizza, with the site noting that Americans typically eat around 46 slices of pizza per year — which translates to about 23 pounds of that cheesy goodness. 

In addition, around 13% of Americans eat some form of pizza each day, which makes sense considering the many forms of tomato, bread, and cheese that people have made. With deep-dish, Sicilian, and New York style, there are even regional iterations of the food, like the dreaded Altoona-style pizza, as reported by Uncovering PA.

Joking aside, major pizza chains like Pizza Hut have been around long enough to accrue quite a history of specialty items beyond just a normal pizza, with some remembered quite fondly. These days, Pizza Hut has put forth yet another new experiment into the world of pizza-adjacent deliciousness, and one of their most recent commercials features a rather catchy song while showing off this new creation. 

The commercial for Pizza Hut's brand new food item — called Melts — over on YouTube shows several people enjoying this folded, individual meal that somewhat resembles a giant quesadilla. As Pizza Hut celebrity spokesperson and "Office" alumni Craig Robinson narrates this advertisement, an upbeat and energetic song plays in the background, but who sings this particular song?

The song featured in Pizza Hut's latest commercial was created by a Texas-based duo

The song in question is called "Sheesh!" and it is by the band Surfaces, though the vocals are provided by Tai Verdes, which is noted by Aural Cave. This website also points out that the song has been incredibly popular on the social media platform TikTok before being utilized in the aforementioned commercial for Pizza Hut. The biography for the band Surfaces over on All Music highlights that the band was created in 2017 in College Station, Texas by the musical duo of Forrest Frank and Colin Padalecki.

Speaking with Song Writer Universe in June 2021, Padalecki explained the group's unique sound by saying, "We grew up around a lot of country music in Texas. It was always funny — people would ask us if we were from California, because our sonics and our songwriting can be very beachy and feel like the West Coast. And me and Forrest always loved being around bodies of water, whether it was a lake or ocean. The one thing we [got from] country, was that country revolves around big hooks, so that influenced our songwriting. Obviously, once we had the beats, melody, and the instrumentation down, we wanted to grab that big hook and make people remember it and feel it. So country definitely rubbed off on us." 

Still, between the Pizza Hut commercial and TikTok, the songs created by Surface will surely continue to grace the airwaves.