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CSI Fans Think New York Does A Better Job Developing Character Relationships Than Miami Does

What do you find more compelling: the connection between colleagues and partners Stella Bonasera (Melina Kanakaredes) and Mac Taylor (Gary Sinise) or the way Horatio Caine (David Caruso) manages his team? The "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" universe has spawned close friendships, excellent working relationships, and even romantic connections that have stood the test of time. Each arm of the franchise sports lovable characters who have formed unique bonds among the viscera, tension, and wholesale nightmares surrounding them. Many fans have a particular favorite pairing or show. Your favorite character and your favorite show might depend on how you translate the chaos into joy.

Naturally, some shows do certain elements of the "CSI" formula better than others. "CSI: Miami" created a chemistry all its own, filled with in-jokes and one-liners. "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" was mostly about grit, unusual deaths, and the science it takes to solve them; "CSI: Vegas," one of its more direct spin-offs, carries this tradition on today. According to many fans, "CSI: New York" understands human relationships better than any other "CSI"-related program on the air. 

Fans appreciate CSI: New York for Stella and Mac's friendship

Fans who hang out at the "CSI: New York" subreddit definitely think their chosen show seems to do relationships well — or at least better than "CSI: Miami." They specifically give good marks to Stella and Mac's relationship.

"'Miami' could seem kind of standoffish to me with the characters being characatures [sic]. Like when Horatio found out he had a son, half the time he's talking to Kyle's mom[,] he just says stuff like 'the boy.' Or when one of the team[']s in the hospital[,] he stays outside the window. It's a fine show[,] just kinda odd choices acting[-]wise," noted u/Nowork_morestitching

In comparison, they later note that "'NY' to me seems more interactive [...] one of the characters has a baby and Mac Taylor is chosen as godfather. You can see the friendship they have as a team."

Our own C.M. Crockford gave high marks to "CSI: New York" in an article that lays out things you probably haven't noticed while watching the first season of "CSI: New York." Specifically, they note that Stella and Mac's relationship feels genuine, like a real friendship. To quote Crockford: "It's clear early on that the 'CSI' supervisors have a close working relationship and platonic friendship. Stella often looks out for Mac, especially after his wife's death, while he admits to her at one point in the 1st season that he wouldn't do the job without her being there."

Judging from various Twitter interactions the actors have shared over the years, it appears that Sinise and Kanakaredes maintain a real-life friendship that outlasted Kanakaredes' choice to leave the show six seasons in. It goes to show that it's not always the page that makes what happens on the stage magic.