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Ghosts' Sheila Carrasco Was Surprised By Sam's Backstory In The Ghost Prom Episode

In the "Ghosts" Season 1 episode, "Attic Girl," a new ghost appears named Stephanie (Odessa A'zion) who lives in the attic and only appears for about one night a year. Since Stephanie was killed on her way to her senior prom, she asks if they can throw a ghost prom to make up for her lost youth. But when Samantha (Rose McIver) tells a story about how she got catfished by a bully who made her think she was going to prom with a French foreign exchange student only to laugh at her, Stephanie decides to mock Samantha by ordering her a whole bunch of baguettes to be delivered to the house, which breaks Samantha's heart.

In a 2022 article with E! Online, cast members were asked at PaleyFest's red carpet if Stephanie would return in a future season, and, while nobody gave a definitive answer, most were hopeful for her return. McIver specifically said she "would love to see more of [Stephanie]" and praised A'zion's performance as bringing "a really grounded energy to our quite supernatural show." So there's a definite possibility that there will be at least one sequel to "Attic Girl," allowing for more painful memories of Samantha's high school days to come to the surface.

Sheila Carrasco, who plays Flower on the show, has been a fan of the show's writing since she first read the script. In an interview with The List, the actor described Flower as "such a fun role and such a gift for an actor to play." Carrasco may not have had a prominent role in the "Attic Girl" episode, but she did cite it as one of her biggest surprises.

Attic Girl was one of the standout episodes for Sheila Carrasco

In an interview with PopCulture, Sheila Carrasco was asked what story surprised her most as she's been working on "Ghosts," and Carrasco brought up "Attic Girl" as one of her biggest surprises. "I just never would have thought [Samantha] would have been bullied in school. And knowing that, it makes so many of her qualities make a lot of sense." An example that Carrasco gave was Samantha's desire to be liked by the ghosts, which fans can now see stems from the fact that she was bullied in school and wants to be a part of the group. Another surprise that Carrasco mentioned was the episode "Trevor's Pants," specifically the discovery that Trevor (Asher Grodman) had actually lost his pants in an attempt to rescue a young colleague from a cruel prank.

Fans generally agree with Carrasco and found the episode to be surprisingly heartwarming. In a thread in the r/GhostsCBS subreddit, u/HatchlingChibi said that they were unsure about this episode at first, but loved the fact that the ghosts all rally around Samantha when they realize that they've been used for Stephanie's harmful prank. Redditor u/Critical-Object-9179 said that the baguette scene reminded them of the movie "Never Been Kissed." Another redditor, u/mamms456, referenced the moment at the end of the episode when Samantha's husband Jay (Utkarsh Ambudkar) shows up in a tux to take her to the prom to make up for the one she never got. So it seems like the episode was just as much of a pleasant surprise for fans as it was for Carrasco.