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Bel-Air Season 2 Trailer Takes The Drama To New Heights

Before ever working as a professional TV writer, Morgan Cooper wrote, directed, and produced a fan film titled "Bel-Air," adapting beloved Will Smith sitcom "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" to a present-day setting. On the strength of this short, Cooper met with Smith to discuss "Bel-Air" and how it might become a TV series. While on one hand, he legitimized what was previously a fan project, Smith's involvement led to sleepless nights for the "Bel-Air" team as well, which showrunners T.J. Brady and Rasheed Newson described as a result of the pressure they felt to win Smith's approval of their creative choices.

Season 1 of "Bel-Air," which is comprised of 10 episodes in total, premiered to Peacock between February and March of 2022. Fan interest in "Bel-Air" was ultimately high enough to secure confirmation of "Bel-Air" Season 2. The show's first season is notably more serious in tone than the predominately comedic "Fresh Prince," so Season 2 should continue to dramatically twist its source material and provide new directions for its idiosyncratic take on its classic cast of characters. Now, in a trailer Peacock premiered on January 19, fans of Season 1 have an extended look at just what to expect from the series' next outing.

More drama is coming soon to Bel-Air

This new trailer for "Bel-Air" Season 2 opens on an establishing shot of California's coast set to some piano notes from the Kendrick Lamar single "N95," preceding the song's opening line, "Hello new world." Reflecting this musical cue, Will (Jabari Banks) then appears on-screen distraught, telling someone in voiceover that he now realizes his whole life up until this point was predicated on a lie. Meanwhile, house manager Geoffrey (Jimmy Akingbola) encourages Will to confront the things he fears head-on.

Will appears to be internally thriving, making big bucks on streetball games, for instance, while finding himself in conflict with those closest to him. Meanwhile, Will's cousins Hilary (Coco Jones) and Carlton (Olly Sholotan) are struggling plenty themselves, the former with a social medial partnership with influencer Ivy (Karrueche Tran), and the latter with his attempts at asserting his identity. Even Uncle Phil (Adrian Holmes) is getting into trouble, putting his work before his wife Vivian (Cassandra Freeman). Finally, the trailer cuts back to Will asking Geoffrey if he can share some wisdom. Geoffrey laughs and responds, "Nothing you wanna hear," reinforcing the notion that not just Will but seemingly everyone in Season 2 will have to confront some hard truths.

Fans can find out just how these interpersonal dramas will play out when "Bel-Air" Season 2 premieres to Peacock on February 23.