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Spencer Grammer Hopes To See A More Dramatic Side Of Summer On Rick And Morty

The world that "Rick and Morty" takes place in is so full of rich life and detail that fans could probably spend entire episodes focusing on the life of a strange background character that the titular dimension-hopping duo come across. But beyond the outrageous planets, bizarre aliens and whacky multiverse shenanigans present in the show, its the series' cast of characters that give the Adult Swim sci-fi comedy its true beating heart.

Out of the show's entire cast, one member who doesn't get talked about enough is Summer Smith (voiced by Spencer Grammer). While Summer was initially a more one-note typical angsty teen, over the years we have gotten to see other sides of the oldest of the Smith's children. As the sister of Morty (voiced by Justin Roiland) and granddaughter of Rick (also Roiland), Summer is prone to jealousy, upset that she is not included more often in their adventures. The way she views Rick and her family has also gone through twists and turns as the series has progressed, not wanting to abandon either even when tensions are especially high. It's clear that the doors are wide open to explore different sides of Summer that fans have yet to see — and the show's creative team aren't blind to that.

The show's creators have Summer-centric episodes in mind

As it turns out, it's not only "Rick and Morty" fans who know there's more to Summer Smith than meets the eye. When asked by Collider about what storylines that Summer's voice actress, Spencer Grammer, would like to see happen, the "Greek" star believes her character has endless potential. "I would love to ... do more dramatic things with Summer," Grammer says. "I think maybe she gets really woke or something and goes on a tirade ... mostly just through social media though, which would be very millennial of her." Her dramatic ideas for Summer don't stop there, as Grammer believes that her character can take even harder hits. "Summer could have a terminal illness," she continues. "Summer could have a boyfriend and a terminal illness."

Grammer's enthusiasm for expanding Sumer's role in the show is shared by series co-creator Justin Roiland, who tells Collider that the crew have already conceptualized episodes surrounding the angsty teen. He comments, "We've had some crazy Summer episodes that I still think we should do. Sometimes when episodes just get ... they're fighting back too hard, we'll set them down and move on. We've historically come back to a handful of those, and they suddenly make sense to us with some distance and time." 

And time is what fans will have plenty of, as Adult Swim's 70 episode order for the show ensures that this is far from the last we've seen of Summer Smith.