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Gwen Sigan Had An Unlikely Rise To Chicago PD Showrunner

Choosing a showrunner to take on a series as beloved as "Chicago PD" is no small task. The police procedural drama series is the second installment of the long-running "One Chicago" franchise, a series that highlights the professional and private lives of several public servants in the windy city. As can be assumed from its title, "Chicago PD" follows the city's law enforcement, in particular the fictional Intelligence Unit of the 21st District of the Chicago Police Department in its attempts to take down major crime. Since airing in 2014, the show has remained one of the most successful of the "Chicago" franchise, with 10 seasons and nearly 200 episodes under its belt, while also holding the franchise's highest Rotten Tomatoes score, with a hearty audience score of 93%. 

Taking part of any "One Chicago" property is a tall order, to say the least, but "Chicago PD," having had its vision intact for so long, would need extra special care from whoever is looking over the show as a whole. These would more than likely be the thoughts swirling in the heads of any old Joe who was handed the reigns of such a franchise, but thankfully for "Chicago PD" fans, the series' most current showrunner, Gwen Sigan, is no old Joe when it comes to "One Chicago."

Sigan started off as an assistant

In 2021, Gwen Sigan was named the new showrunner for the hit police drama "Chicago PD," after Rick Eid held onto the position for over four years (via Deadline). Some may not be aware, but Sigan is far from a newcomer to the "One Chicago" franchise.

On a spotlight interview featured on Wolf Entertainment, who produce the "One Chicago" franchise, Sigan revealed that she started as the assistant to original showrunner Matt Olmstead during the making of its second season. "From my first day on set, I always loved 'Chicago P.D.,'" Sigan said. "Matt was such a mentor and so willing to let me see every single draft of the script, observe the actors and really see what worked and didn't work." Sigan also described how she pulled double duty, working on both "P.D." and as a writing assistant on "Chicago Fire," which got her exposure to a television writer's room and the general writing process for the "One Chicago" shows. 

Ultimately, Sigan is aware of the special place "Chicago P.D." holds for many. When asked why she believes the show resonates with audiences, she replies, "I think we were able to tell character stories within the format of a police show ... we have a good cast that portray these people: They just feel real ... When you get to add that to a case that has dynamics and stakes, it brings up a lot of emotion."