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The Horatio One-Liner From CSI: Miami That Sticks In Adam Rodriguez's Head

Whether you love it, hate it, or simply rather watch what many fans feel is its more grounded contemporary, "CSI: NY," there's no denying that "CSI: Miami" is truly iconic. While carrying on the legacy of its predecessor, "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation," the series offered audiences something new when it premiered in 2002. Yes, the crimes and the process of figuring out the individuals responsible were still there, but it was all done in the sunny and palm tree-covered city of Miami, Florida, a locale that played host to as many dramatic stories as it did campy antics.

It's no secret that "CSI: Miami" is a crime procedural through and through, but of the many titles that make up the genre, it's clearly among the goofiest. Much of this stems from its main character, Horatio Caine (David Caruso), who often solved crimes with a cartoonish swagger that most wouldn't expect a crime scene investigator to have. He's also famous for his unforgettable one-liners, which he'd typically deliver early in each episode while smoothly putting on his glasses. Roger Daltrey's sharp vocals on the show's theme song, The Who's "Won't Get Fooled Again," only enhanced the cheesiness of it all.

Of Caine's numerous one-liners from over the years, "CSI: Miami" star Adam Rodriguez, who played Eric Delko on the program, can't get this one out of his head.

'He'll be at the Mandarin Oriental, and so will I'

In early 2007, David Caruso and Adam Rodriguez sat down for an interview with CBS' Julie Chen, where they chatted for a bit about "CSI: Miami," which was still on the air at the time. When asked about Horatio Caine's incredible one-liners, Rodriguez offered up one that's been stuck in his head for some time: "He'll be at the Mandarin Oriental, and so will I." He then tried to perform it himself with Caine's shades on — with Caruso's permission, of course — though despite his best efforts, he couldn't quite measure up. Caine's vibes are cool as ice and truly one of a kind.

Even though "CSI: Miami" wrapped up in 2012, it's fair to say that Caine and his one-liners have endured in popular culture all these years later. In fact, to promote the series' presence on the Paramount+ streaming service, the streamer's official YouTube channel offered fans a brief compilation of some of his best quips. A quick jaunt through the handful of comments on the video proves that fans still love Caine and his one-liners. So, should the powers that be ever conjure up such a thought, there's clearly a market for a "CSI: Miami" revival — so long as Caruso makes a grand return.

Time will tell if in this age of reboots, retreads, and retries "CSI: Miami" gets another shot, but if it ultimately doesn't, at least we have years of Horatio Caine one-liners to look back on with fondness.