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Did The Office's Rainn Wilson Do His Own Stunts On The Show?

"The Office" remains one of the defining sitcoms of the 21st century. It took the banal events that occur at any white-collar office environment and mined them for laughs for years. While the characters themselves were outrageous, they found themselves in humdrum scenarios that pretty much anyone could relate to. 

When you think of "The Office," you probably don't think of wild stunts like you might find in the likes of "Jack Ryan" or "The Boys." However, as the show went on, it found itself needing to up the ante, leading to greater chaos. A good example of this is found in Season 9's "New Guys," where Dwight (Rainn Wilson) attempts to ride a bicycle across a tightrope to one-up a new guy at Dunder Mifflin. 

Since the show was in its last season, it made sense to go out with a bang with action-packed scenes like this. Seeing how Wilson didn't have to do many stunts before this, it makes sense to wonder whether he actually did the stunt himself. Fortunately, the actor set the record straight. 

A stunt double did the tightrope bit

A standard episode of "The Office" sees the characters hang out in an office. Every so often, they'll go to Chili's or someone's house, but everything is pretty down to earth. Of course, things went to another level when Dwight attempted to ride a bike attached to a printer across a tightrope, flipping himself over in the process, to the horror and dismay of his coworkers. 

It was an extraordinary moment in an otherwise ordinary show. During a Reddit AMA, Rainn Wilson was asked about the stunt. Redditor u/boggart777 asked, "Do you perform your own stunts on the office? loved the tight-rope-bike bit [sic]." Wilson responded, "There was a stunt guy who was actually suspended above the parking lot on that bike (while wired to the cable). He also did a bunch of those amazingly great flips and stunts on the slack line. Forget his name unfortunately. He was amazing and made me look great!"

While someone else had to do that dangerous stunt, Wilson managed to sneak a few of his own over the course of the series. Back in Season 3, Dwight and Andy (Ed Helms) get into a duel in the parking lot, resulting in Andy pinning Dwight with his car. While they did a take with stunt doubles, they ended up going with the version where Wilson himself is actually pinned with a car (via CheatSheet). It seems Wilson was fine with certain stunts, but the team behind the scenes probably wasn't willing to risk him dangling above a parking lot.