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The Obscure Seinfeld Line That Jerry Seinfeld Constantly Quotes In Real Life

"Seinfeld" had a long, highly popular run featuring plenty of quotable lines for fans to yell out, connecting their current situation with the hit '90s sitcom. "Seinfeld" viewers are known to skip over details by saying, "Yada, yada, yada"; step away from frustrating situations by screaming, "Serenity now!"; and even express frustrations by declaring that "George is getting upset!" 

"Seinfeld" enthusiasts aren't the only ones who reference the show in their daily lives. It's always fun to learn that the actors themselves, such as Jerry Seinfeld, have their own favorite quotes, which are sometimes more obscure than the popular picks. In a Reddit AMA, Seinfeld revealed which line from the show he uses the most in real life. 

The line of dialogue Seinfeld is referring to comes from Season 5, Episode 15 ("The Pie"). The lead-up to this moment begins as George (Jason Alexander) is preparing for an upcoming job interview. He visits a store to buy a new suit for the occasion. When realizing the one he wants will go on sale the next day, he hides it from a rival customer. To the rival's dismay, George ends up victorious in the suit-buying clash and goes confidently off to his interview. Of course, this wouldn't be a "Seinfeld" episode if things went exactly as planned, and George learns this the hard way. These plot details end up leading us to Seinfeld's most-quoted line.

What was in that pie?

Plenty of "Seinfeld" fans have their own famous quotes from the series, and Jerry Seinfeld is no different. For him, this line comes in the scene when George is in his interview, which takes place at a restaurant. At this point, the meeting is going flawlessly, as the three businessmen appear to want him for the job. However, like most aspects of George's life, the situation takes an unfortunate turn. A piece of pie is dropped on the center of the table, compliments of the chef, who has made it just for George. The businessmen dive in with their forks. However, this is when it's revealed that the clothing store suit-buying rival also happens to be the chef.

George, clearly not wanting to eat whatever his rival served him, refuses to take a bite, denying the requests from the businessman to do so. Apparently needing this moment to lock in their job-hiring decision, the lead businessman says to George, "If you're one of us, you'll take a bite."

Jerry Seinfeld uses this line at home: "I find myself saying that to my kids a lot." Well, that makes sense, especially when trekking through everyday parental situations. "A lot of times kids won't want to try certain foods, and so I'll use that line," he explained. Of course, for fans facing the exact opposite parenting situation at home, "No soup for you!" can replace that quote as needed.