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Gold Rush's Dave Turin Explains Choosing Jason And Nathan For His Season 13 Offer

Gold mining is a grueling business, as the cast of Discovery's "Gold Rush" knows all too well. It requires long hours and back-breaking labor with no guarantee you'll strike it big. Sure, the miners featured on the show tend to know what they're doing, but there have been some close calls where miners have been lucky to break even. Considering "Gold Rush" has been on the air for over a decade now, and many of the miners featured on the series have been there from the beginning, it only makes sense that some of them would want to begin taking a step back. 

In Season 13's "The Last Frontier," series mainstay Dave Turin gave an intriguing proposition to two of his cohorts — Jason Sanchez and Nathan Clark. He wanted to sell them one of his mining operations and show them that the site could be profitable. It's an amazing opportunity and a sign that Turin could be looking to step back in certain capacities. Fortunately, he spoke more about the offer for anyone who thought the moment in the episode came on a bit suddenly.

Jason and Nathan have become leaders in Dave Turin's eyes

In an interview with Idaho Press, Dave Turin spoke about his time in the "Gold Rush" franchise, and he admits that it's probably time to step aside a bit. He's still definitely going to mine, but he recognizes that it's for the best to begin scaling back and look toward other ventures. Enter Jason Sanchez and Nathan Clark.

Turin admits that those two have become real leaders in the field, so when it came time to sell one of his claims, he knew they were the right guys for the job. When speaking about them, he said, "Jason loves to learn, and he started learning where the gold was, how to get it out of the ground, and then keep us in paydirt and keep us in the gold. And then Nathan started running that wash plant. So now I can step back when you've got a guy running the wash plant and a competent guy digging the ground and getting the dirt to you. And I can start directing for TV, where we're going next, and all those things."

Turin went on to speak very highly of the two and compared passing the torch to them to the way his dad got him into mining, explaining, "My dad was very fortunate in his business that he could turn it [business] over to his four sons, who he trusted. I felt that way about Jason and Nathan out of anybody. It was the logical step that made sense." With Sanchez and Clark taking on more responsibilities, expect to see more of them going forward in "Gold Rush."