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Gold Rush Fans Are Really Fed Up With Dave Turin

Fans of Discovery's "Gold Rush" have never been shy about criticizing some of the show's more inept gold miners, sometimes even calling for specific cast members to be booted off the show entirely. Perhaps the most notable example is the extreme amount of criticism levied toward Fred Lewis — who has received an absurd amount of backlash from fans online for his mining struggles in Season 11 and Season 12.

Even some of the series' most iconic cast members have received this treatment. In particular, former series lead Todd Hoffman has received a swarm of criticism for his poor mining practices and lack of experience, with many fans even demeaning or questioning his intelligence. More recently, the extreme criticism of "Gold Rush" fans has been directed toward a different target: former cast member Dave Turin, who recently returned to the series during Season 13.

Some fans are waiting for Dave Turin's retirement

Following a violent fistfight with another miner during the seventh season of "Gold Rush," Dave Turin resigned from the main show and moved to his own spinoff series — titled "Gold Rush: Dave Turin's Lost Mine." Turin recently returned to the main "Gold Rush" show in the episode "The Last Frontier," and although his appearance was extremely brief, he managed to evoke the wrath of plenty of fans online.

"Dave Turin is back...would rather watch Fred and that's saying something," wrote u/GeneralStore9807. "Dave is just a flop in general his show was awful," replied u/hunter_2109. "I liked him on Gold Rush but he was surrounded by Hoffman's so that probably made me like him more then I should."

Other fans were quick to pile on Dave Turin's spinoff show, showing that they are more than fed up with the struggling gold miner. "Well his show tanked, I never liked his arrogance," wrote u/Gummies1345."Now dave is lying to his crew, to try to sell to them." "On the plus side it looks like Dave is trying to retire," added u/roj2323, rather bluntly. Indeed, it seems like these fans won't have to wait very long to see Dave exit "Gold Rush" altogether, as the prolific miner recently told the Idaho Press that he would be scaling back on gold mining and pursuing new opportunities. Although Dave Turin's days on "Gold Rush" appear to be numbered, it's clear that his retirement can't come soon enough for his critics online.