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Brian 'Q' Quinn Explains Why Joe Gatto Was The Hardest Impractical Joker To Punish

Just about every cast member from "Impractical Jokers" has a horror story to tell regarding their worst punishment. The comedy reality series follows The Tenderloins, a popular New York-based comedy troupe. The comedians perform in a series of competitions and are graded on their performance. The lowest graded member, or "Joker," is then subjected to some kind of punishment, usually in the form of humiliation that will see the losing joker have to perform an awkward interaction with the general public. 

In the show's over decade-long run, fans have seen all kinds of torture brought upon the comedians. From Brian "Q" Quinn ruining children's paintings, to Sal having to face his fear of cats head-on, to James "Murr" Murray plummeting thousands of feet to the ground, the boys' devious deeds have been the origin of many a mental and emotional breakdown for the cast. Still, some choose to defy their punishments, such as former joker Joe Gatto, whose reactions to even the worst of punishments left his colleagues shocked, to say the least. 

You need to go above and beyond the embarrass Gatto

Joe Gatto has not only been lucky enough to be the least punished prankster from "Impractical Jokers" (via InTouch Weekly), but he also apparently has the thickest skin of the team. Whether he's crushing restaurant tables while customers are eating, escaping a tank of water in a straightjacket, or slowly letting loose air from a balloon in a library, it appears that the word "shame" isn't known by Gatto.

You're not alone in being confused by Joe's bizarre reactions. His fellow "Impractical Jokers" cast members have had trouble figuring out just what it takes to get the guy to crack. During an interview with Celebrity GamerZ, "Impractical Jokers" cast member Brian Quinn explained that trying to find the right punishment for Joe was no easy task. "Joe's punishments, they take a lot of work," Quinn said. "Because no matter what you do, Joe's superpower is he's going to turn what you're doing to him to his advantage ... There's no shame, there's no embarrassment."

However, Quinn does note that there have been rare instances where they have gotten to Gatto. "Either get his family to mess with him or construct something that even he will be surprised to find himself in," Quinn said. The team would get Joe in such a way when the comedian was forced to boss around parents at a playground during a punishment in on the show's sixth season.