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The Big Bang Theory Costume Piece That Simon Helberg Took From Set

"The Big Bang Theory" made television history by becoming the longest-running multi-cam comedy ever, thanks to its catalog of over 300 hilarious episodes (via TV Guide). The Emmy-winning series is adored by fans and critics alike with a talented and notable cast. Among the series' most popular cast members is the stylish vocal impersonator, Simon Helberg.

Helberg's performance as Howard Wolowitz portrays the growth of his character with heart and nuance. Over the course of 12 memorable seasons, Howard transforms from a stunted mama's boy into a loving husband, caring father, and daring astronaut. This heartwarming change occurs after Howard meets his no-nonsense better half, Bernadette Rostenkowski (Melissa Rauch), who he later marries in Season 5.

Howard has always been a standout on "The Big Bang Theory" because of his zany outfits, hysterical impersonations, and quick-witted remarks. As the sole engineer of the group, his loud fashion choices make a bold statement about the character. The wardrobe choices for Howard also gave Helberg the perfect piece of memorabilia to snag to remember his role in the long-running sitcom.

Helberg kept the NES controller belt from the pilot episode

On Reddit, one eagle-eyed user posted a snapshot of Jessica Radloff's reporting in "The Big Bang Theory: The Definitive, Inside Story of the Epic Hit Series." The page posted contained an interview with Simon Helberg himself. In the interview, he reflected on the inevitability of the series ending, while also revealing the item he has from Howard's wardrobe. "But you can't have a head full of gray hair and be wearing "The Flash" t-shirts and putting on fluorescent skinny jeans," Helberg said. "At a certain point, wearing a Nintendo belt buckle becomes just creepy. Now, with that said, I have that Nintendo belt. You bet I took it! I'm no fool! I don't wear it. It's just in a box." 

Howard debuts the belt in the first episode of "The Big Bang Theory," which immediately showcases his colorful style to the audience. This piece replicates the look of a Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) controller, which perfectly blends his nerdy interests with his standout fashion choices. The NES belt buckle has even more sentimental meaning as part of the first outfit Helberg wore in character onscreen.

Helberg portrayed Howard one final time after "The Big Bang Theory" ended, voicing a segment in the show's spinoff series, "Young Sheldon." However, fans should not expect Helberg to don the NES belt buckle onscreen again, as he responded to questions over a possible spin-off by saying he is content to be done playing Howard.